Friday, 30 March 2018

Habeeb Abdul Rahman, a Politician and a Social worker

          Habeeb Abdul Rahman was born in Hyderabad in 1964.
His father is Mr. Syed ali he is a Landlord and mother is house wife. He got married in 1998. Now he has 5 daughters and 2 sons.
      He has completed his schooling and intermediate in Hyderabad. Later he completed his Bsc in Anwar-ul-Uloom College in Hyderabad.

Career of Habeeb Abdul Rahman

  • From 1999 he is doing public service. 
  • In 2000, when KCR is in TDP party he is supporting him. 
  • In 2001 wnen KCR formed TRS party then he is State Minority President.
  •  In 2003 he became State General secretary of this party. 
  • In 2004, in MLA quota he is nominated as member of Legislative Assembly
  • In 2009 when YSR is CM of Andhra Pradesh he joined Congress party because he gave 4% reservation for Muslims. 
  • Presently he is National General secretary of YSR Congress party. 
  • He actively participates in public meetings.

Special Interview of a Special person

        (Q)   How Would you describe yourself in one word?

   Ans : Decent man

        (Q)  How old are you, when you had first achievement ? share something about that ?

  Ans : In 2005 when I took my parents to Hutch that was my biggest achievement

        (Q)  Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?

         Ans : My Parents

        (Q)  What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?

        Ans : Every one should be equal and happy

In Future his only wish is Y S Jagan garu to  become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.


Address : 4-1-1/19, kinkoti, Hyderabad

Phone : 9676909018

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