Saturday, 10 March 2018

How is our tax money spent ?

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I would like to start with a small incident which happens daily in our life.
1. A son is questioned by a father when he goes for the pocket money on day 2, about the expenses he made on the day 1, with the amount of 100 Rs given to him..
2. A husband asks for the expenses made by wife in managing the house at month end.
3. We all check with a mini statement of our bank account for security and safety of our money.

but the same WE failed to check about the taxes we pay ? Don't think only high salary people pay tax, let me clarify : you pay tax when you buy a Soap, Paste, Biscuit packet.......Salt packet.......Moreover we pay tax when we visit a restaurant.......Every where we are taxed by government to provide better facilities, Infrastructure, Living conditions.

But do you think we get them 100% in return, at least 50% in return. I hope you have the answer.

Did you you ever realized why we don't get them?
Bcoz we don't check how our tax money is spend. A father/mother has 100 questions when they give 50 Rs to his child as Pocket money, but the same citizens are least bothered to check about how our 1000 crores tax money is spend.

We have a right to know and right to question for knowing them, if we don't what happens ?
Do you really feel to know from now ?

Panasa Rama Krishna.Y
A citizen and a common man.

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