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Citrine is a crystal whose color varies from lemon yellow to a deep red brown or amber. The name "Citrine" is derived from the French word for lemon. It is a popular and affordable substitute to the much more expensive yellow sapphire or yellow diamond. To create stunning multi-colored jewelry, it is often combined with other stones such as amethyst, peridot, and garnet. It is the birthstone for the month of November. It is believed that citrine brings recovery to ones physical ailments. It is said that it helps in curing urinary, kidney, and digestive diseases. Citrine is believed to be a tonic for the circulatory system, as it helps in purifying blood. It is supposed to be quite helpful in the treatment of kidney and a few other organ problems. It is also believed to improve the functionality of the endocrine system by improving the passage of electrical impulses within the nervous system. This charming yellow crystal is also known as the lucky merchant’s stone because if placed in the cash drawer, it is believed to help money come easily in life. Thus citrine is often given as a symbol of hope, youth, health and fidelity.

Different Citrine Jewelry
Citrine crystals are used in jewelry because of their healing properties. Pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. are made by combing citrine with other crystals.

These faceted citrine gems with lovely rich yellow color are most commonly used in earrings. Simple and elegant Citrine stud earrings are best suited for formal wear. But for special occasions, dangling earrings are most preferred. Citrine earrings are available in contemporary and trendy styles. You can choose you kind depending on your fashion statement.

Finger Rings
Citrine rings will never go out of style. They are timeless and just look good on any one. A sparkling citrine with peridot, opal and diamond makes an awesome ring for lifetime occasions.

Citrine, combined with other gems like amethyst, garnet, etc., make lovely pendants. These pendants are perfect gift choices for your dear ones.

Bracelets are always in trend. The sparkling golden yellow color of citrine gives a stunning look to bracelets. Citrine can be mixed with other beads to enhance the beauty of the bracelet.

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