Friday, 9 March 2018


A compass is a navigational instrument that is used to measure the earth’s gravitational field. The compass usually consists of a pointer that can align itself according to the earth’s magnetic pull. A clock compass is a highly useful product as it also shows time besides guiding people in the right direction. This compass is much sought for its dual feature. The clock looks amazing as the compass is attached at the base. It can be used in home decoration as well.

Handmade Clock Compass
Clock compasses are made of nickel or brass and are polished to give an antique finish. There are a range of finishes given to this type of compass. These finishes are given to give the instrument a beautiful luster and sheen. These clocks may be digital or analog and are battery operated. The compass and the clock may be attached and at times if it’s fit in a box it may be separate. These clock compasses are portable and can be carried in a bag.

Clock Compass Designs
There a variety of clock compasses available. Some of the most common one’s are mentioned below.

Photo Frame Clock Compass
This handmade clock compass comes with a foldable photo frame attached to it. This can be placed on a table or in show case as a showpiece.

Box Clock Compass
These types of clock compasses look endearing. A clock as well as a compass is fixed in a well decorated box made of metal or wood. These can also be custom made according to the requirements of an individual.

Hanging Clock Compass 
Hanging clock compasses are nothing but clocks attached with compasses that can be hung on the wall or kept on the table. These clock compasses looks shiny when hung on a wall.

Stand Clock Compasses
The name itself implies that these clock compasses can be placed on a table or mantel piece. The stands are made up of brass or wood and are well decorated.

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