Friday, 9 March 2018


A Ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the finger and at times worn around the arm and the neck. It is a common piece of jewelry worn by both men and women alike and can be made of any material like gold, silver, copper, brass, plastic, wood, bone embedded with stones or semi-precious stones like coral, pearl, diamonds, etc. Rings are designed keeping the occasion in mind. Rings form an integral part of occasions like weddings, engagements or when a man proposes to a woman or vice versa. They are sometimes presented as gifts to infants during their cradling ceremony or initiation into a particular family ritual like commencement of religious studies for example.

Handmade Copper Rings
In the early part of the 20th century people primarily used copper for making and electrical accessories and utensils, as it is good conductor of heat and electricity. They also made copper jewelry for its medicinal properties, as they believed that copper penetrated the skin and cured joint pain. Now-a-days people choose copper rings for its beautiful color and as it goes with any type of apparel. When copper is mixed with metals like silver to make jewelries, the designs looks amazingly beautiful.

Copper can be used to make plain copper rings or as mentioned above it can be mixed with other precious metals to form a unique amalgamation of metals. Rings made from this join up are engraved to make them look charming and eye-catching. Sometimes, images of animals or anything that is attractive can be embossed on a copper ring to give it that extra style. Copper rings can be worn with any kind of jewelry or attire, modern or traditional.

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