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Navratna JewelryIn Navratna jewelry, nine auspicious stones are used in a single ornament. The belief behind this is that the nine stones together ensure well being of the person who wears it. In India, Navratna jewelry has been given major importance, because of its astrological significance as well as its innate charm. The nine stones used in the jewelry diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, topaz, and cat's eye. As it is believed in astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offer power.

Shukra is the planet for the diamond, Sun for ruby, Saturn for sapphire, Rahu for garnet, Ketu for cat's eye, Moon for pearl, Guru for topaz, Buddh for emerald and Angaraha for coral. Navratna jewelry can be set in rings that are mounted, so that the stones touch the skin. The weight of the stones is decided according to the individual's astrological chart. In the following lines, we tell you about the significance of using the nine jewels.

Nine Stones in Navratna Jewelry
  • Ruby protects against poisonous substances and banishes any evil spirits that hover around. It also gives energy to the wearer and changes color if the wearer is in bad health.
  • Emerald is an antidote for all stomach complaints, stings and bites. It is soothing to eyes, when mixed with saffron, and provides protection against poisonous insects or reptiles. It was used in ancient times, by mariners, to prevent storms. Emeralds are said to pale if the wearer is faced with deception. As it is the stone of the Goddess of Love, it helps lovers in their problems.
  • Blue has always been the color of enlightenment and in Buddhism, the wearing of Sapphire was said to increase devotion. In the West, bishops and cardinals also wore sapphires in ancient times. In spite of being held in sacred esteem, sapphires can also bring bad luck if worn by a person who does not have it as a birthstone.
  • Coral is extremely popular, as it is a stone that is said to cure diseases, help the memory and act as a powerful protection against the evil spirits. That is perhaps why, it is often used in rosaries and made into chains for little children.
  • Pearls give strength to the heart and are often used in Ayurvedic medicine. In India, pearls have always been a favorite ornament in royal courts.
  • Garnet is found in many colors, though the best known is deep red, almost resembling a ruby. Garnets are often used to imitate precious stones, but have not been recorded as having any special properties of protection.
  • Topaz is used for occult practices. It is used in the Middle East, for averting the evil, and is said to bring wealth and long life to the wearer. It can be golden yellow in color and sometimes, even colorless.
  • Cat's Eye is usually brownish yellow in color. There is often a light line, which shines through the stone, giving the idea of the eye from which it derives its name.

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