Friday, 9 March 2018


Pachchikam JewelryIn the world of fashion and design, old trends tend to come over again and again, though with slight changes. Pachchikam jewelry making craft is one of the examples of jewelry that has come back once again. Originated in Gujarat and Kutch, centuries ago, Pachchikam jewelry has again become popular and now, is very much in fashion. Many contemporary designers are today inspired by the art of Pachchikam jewelry and they are leading the way for further development in the art.

In comparison with Kundan work, Pachchikam has crude look and is pretty fragile. Major USP of Pachchikam is that instead of using gold for jewelry making, it makes use of silver and is thus, quite affordable. One of the reason for opting for silver as the base metal is that it is highly malleable and it closely resembles platinum, a precious metal. Pachchikam jewelry is quite flashy and can be worn on formal occasions. The process of making Pachchikam jewelry is also quite complicated

In this case, the stone is inserted in a silver case, the edge of which is pressed onto the stone with the finger and then grooves are filed on it. A closer look shows a setting, which is crude in its execution, but it is in this quality that its aesthetical charm lies, making connoisseurs of beauty appreciate it. The workmanship involves a very laborious process, which is time consuming and tedious. Uncut semi-precious stones and glasswork are significant products used in making of Pachchikam jewelry.

The art is still kept in by families in Kutch and Gujarat, where it has been handed down from generations. The major hindrance in the growth of Pachchikam is that it cannot be produced on a mass scale. The craftsmen are highly conservative, not willing to change according to the needs and demands of time. They are not open to change in technical developments and are not experimenting with new trends and patterns. This regressive attitude, despite the fact that it has huge potential, is harming the over all growth of Pachchikam jewelry art and industry.

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