Friday, 9 March 2018


Plastic anklets are very innovative and are custom made with soft, light weight plastic beads. These plastic anklets are a very old form of anklets found during the 5th Century in Czechoslovakia, where they used geometrical and vegetal patterns. These anklets are also called “Plastic Style” or “Disney Style”. Other metals are also used along with plastic beads very creatively and new designs are emerging today. These days, plastic anklets are very popular among young girls because for their attractive designs, bright colors, cheap price and also because of their colors that are retained even when they are rubbed against any surface.

Handcrafted Plastic Anklets
The anklets made out of plastics are usually costume designed and are suitable for any type of formal and casual wears and also suitable for any occasion. You can match the plastic anklets with the color of dress you wear.

There are various types of plastics like Bakelite, Lucite and celluloid that are used to make fashion plastic jewelry like the anklets. They are manufactured in different countries like India, Italy, Japan, UK, China, and Australia and are exported to various other places all over the world.

There plastic anklets made from high quality plastic beads come under the category of designer jewelry. Many leading designers, who produce antique and designer jewelry now-a-days, use plastics along with other materials. These plastic beads give a rich look to the jewelry and eye catching designs are usually created, as these plastic beads can be molded to any form or shape and can also be combined with horns, brass, glass or aluminum while making plastic anklets.

Anybody and everybody can make plastic anklets as they are very easy to make. All you need is a set of plastic beads of different sizes and colors -these beads are available in the market all over, a beading string, a scale and a clasp. Firstly, you can place the beads along the scale and count how many you need. Then you may start stringing the beads and at the end never forget to attach the clasp. Your plastic anklet is ready to wear. You may use it with any type of dress and if you want you can wear a single plastic anklet with your Capri pants or jean pants. You may also make a plastic anklet that can be attached with a toe ring, which is going to be the most gorgeous accessory you ever had.

The creative can bring in creativity, through these plastic anklets and make one for family and friends and can present them for any occasion. You may become a designer for yourself and create your own designs!

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