Friday, 9 March 2018


Armlets or arm bands are traditionally known as “Bajuband” as they are used to adorn the upper part of arms. In earlier days, only men used armlets. However, as time passed by, even women started using them and it has become a fashion statement among women of today. Armlets resemble bangles and bracelets, but are little bigger in size. Armlets are made of various materials and are made into variety of designs and shapes. Craftsmen pick materials keeping mind the durability, cost factor and aesthetics.

Handcrafted Plastic Armlets
In literature during the bronze age, armlets were mentioned as rings and it was considered an important part of any attire. In Srilankan history, it is mentioned that, wearing armlets was a very necessary thing and women, especially newly married women wore it everyday to ward off evil and bring good luck.

Plastic armlets are widely seen in use today. Plastic is word that is being derived from the word “plastikos” and is an organic compound that is formed by a process called polymerization. Plastic can be molded, thrust and shaped or made as filaments. These amazing properties of plastics have attracted many craftsmen to make remarkable jewelry out of it.

Plastic armlets are available in a huge range of colors and shapes. Even though armlets were in use, plastic armlets have become very popular only in recent years. Some artisans have started including glass and metal beads in the plastic armlets which enhance its looks.

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