Friday, 9 March 2018


Bangles are known as “chudi” in Hindi, “valayal” in Tamil, “gaaju” in Telugu and are a traditional Indian ornament that is worn on hands. It is also known as ‘bahubandha’ as it is worn on the arms as well. Women in India wear bangles as a symbol of matrimony and believe that they are symbolic guards that protect their husbands from danger. Various literary works have described this ornament and made it a paradigm of feminine beauty. Different people from different countries had different ideas about bangles. Some believe that bangles protect them from evil, while others consider them as charms. Bangles are made from a variety of materials like gold, silver, glass, wood, plastic, brass, etc. In addition to these metals glass and plastic bangles are the most sought after in today’s fashion world.

Handcrafted Plastic Bangles
Plastic is a word derived from the Greek word “plastikos”. Plastics are organic compounds that are formed by a process called ‘polymerization’ and it can be molded and shaped or made as filament. These are the properties that craftsmen of today use to make stunning bangles that attract women and young girls alike all over the world. Bangles are also embellished with stones and glass pieces to make them look eye-catching. Plastic bangles are available in huge range of colors and varieties. They are available as a single large bangle or thin bangles in sets of a dozen.

Plastic bangles enhance the look of the wearer and go well with any kind of outfit, whether modern or traditional. These days’ manufacturers are introducing new models to entice and allure customers. A delicate plastic bangle looks amazing and inviting.

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