Friday, 9 March 2018


Rings are of different types such as arm rings, neck rings and finger rings. Now-a-days, if said “rings” it means finger rings and these finger rings are made of various materials like silver, gold, copper, bone, horns, plastic, wood, glass, etc. and sometimes these rings are embedded with embellishing precious stones like pearl, diamond, sapphire, etc and semi-precious stones. These makes the fingers look beautiful and both men and women wear rings in their hands.

Handcrafted Plastic Rings
Rings are a type of jewelry found 4,800 years ago and is still in use in weddings, engagements and to propose any type of relationship. According to a 16th century belief, the left- hand ring finger connects with a particular vein in the heart and any love message can be passed to the heart through the rings worn in the ring finger. But now-a-days many wear rings in their right hand ring finger too. A ring is an adornment to the finger and can be worn in any finger.

Plastic rings came into existence in the year 1800, as a replacement of costly metal or other rings. These rings are cheaper and are made from Resin or Bakelite. Resins are usually widely available and are very inexpensive and anybody can afford to buy a plastic ring. These plastic rings are widely available in different colors, shapes and designs.

Today’s modern people especially love to adorn themselves with these plastic rings as they accent well with any kind of dress, whether contemporary or traditional. Anyone can make a plastic ring at home with required materials. These rings are made from cluster resins available in the market.

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