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A compass is a navigational instrument that is used to measure earth’s gravitational field. The compass usually consists of a pointer that can align itself according to the earth’s magnetic pull. The pocket compass, otherwise called as ‘wrist compass’ is very small and can be attached with a band of a wrist watch or can be kept inside the pocket. Pocket compass, which is a self contained instrument, consists of a north quest arrow and a dial that consists of markings in degrees. It is portable as well as easy to use and find the directions in which one is travelling. Therefore this type of compass, are used by mountaineers, trekkers, bikers, backpackers, or yachtsmen.

Handmade Pocket Compass
Pocket compasses have a magnetic needle that is fixed card which is divided into 360 units equally, in a clockwise direction. The cardinal compass that is fixed shows the points north as 0 degree, east as 90 degree, south as 180 degree and west as 270 degree which is marked very clearly. There are two sets of cardinal points, the inner and the outer and therefore there are nearly 16 compass directions shown. The magnetic needle is free to move and aligns itself north-south as the compass is turned.

Uses of Pocket Compass
Pocket compasses are widely used by surveyors, civil engineers and geologists as they are small in size, easily portable and are simple to use. Anyone can easily handle these compasses compared to other varieties. These can also be gifted to people who are intense travelers and for those whose passion is travelling. These pocket compasses are handmade and looks elegant to carry, as well as a tool that builds confidence for a traveler.

Types Of Pocket Compass
There are various types of pocket compasses available and a very few are serves the purpose.

Brunton Pocket Compass
This is a very oldest form of pocket compass designed a famous mining engineer named D.W. Brunton in the year 1894. It is a combination of prismatic compass, hand level, surveyor’s compass, clinometers and plumb. Though, many pocket compasses have been developed after that geologists still regard Brunton’s pocket compass as the best.

Watch Pocket Compass
Certain pocket compasses can be attached to a watch band and can be tied on the wrist. At times these are attached to a metal chain and hanged on the neck as pendants. This type of compasses is useful for travelers and surveyors.

Jacket Zipper Compass
These compasses can be attached to a zipper of a jacket and is suitable for an outdoor trek. While buying pocket compasses, it is better to opt for the stainless steel or the aluminum for their durability. A pocket compass with a plastic case or made of brass with a striking finish would also be a good choice. Certain compasses are available with additional features like a luminous point to use in the night, a separate magnifying glass and a non-slip protective case.

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