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Rosewood is usually a huge number of opulently hued timbers that look brownish with darker arrangement of veins. The hues differ from one timber to the other. Rosewoods are heavy, stronger and their color won’t fade for years. When polished they look excellent and a lot of musical instruments are made with such polished rose wood. Even turneries like chess sets, billiards cues, a whole lot of furniture - tables, chairs, boxes, almirahs, flooring for luxury, etc. are made with rose wood.

Handcrafted Rose Wood Boxes
Rosewood is also called as “brazilian wood”, “bahia rosewood” or “rio rosewood” and smells great which remains intact for years. They belong to the genus called dalbergia and people in the west prefer rose wood of dalbergia nigra, which has become an endangered species now. Certain other species like Indian rosewood, African blackwood, tulipwood, kingwood, cocobolo, etc. are also used as rosewood.

Boxes are structures that are used for transporting and storing things that are valuable as well as essential. In olden days, parents gave away things to the bride to take to her husband’s home in big decorative boxes that were made with rosewood. These boxes had sloped, doomed or curved, oval, square inner surfaces and were usually made from different materials like steel, wood or any other metal. Among all the different boxes, rosewood boxes were the most coveted.

Rosewood boxes made in Punjab in India by Punjabi artisans are sought by people all over the world. These rosewood boxes were in demand even during the period of British rule in India for their beautifully carved and intricate designs, at times with fine inlay made with pearls and ivory. Anything can be stored in these boxes like jewelry or collectibles to clothing depending on the size of the box. Rosewood boxes made by craftsmen from Jodhpur and Jaipur are also very famous for their majestic look and are exported to different countries. These boxes can be passed on for generations as heirlooms.

Rosewood boxes can be opened by sliding, removing or raising the lid and big boxes with separate lift out tray or locker for storing jewels or valuables can be found. These can be locked and valuables can also be saved in them. Rosewood boxes are aesthetic but also serve utilitarian purposes too. Bigger rosewood box that are ornamental and designed, when kept, changes the whole d├ęcor of the room.

Rosewood boxes are the best gift to be given on any occasion to anyone. Rosewood boxes are nothing but modest expression of excellent workmanship.

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