Wednesday, 7 March 2018


An Armlet is an accessory that is worn around the upper part of one’s arm. It is also known as an arm ring and it was worn by men earlier long years ago and women also slowly joined the lot and now it has become a primary accessory for women. It looks similar to a bracelet or bangle but slightly larger in size. And in olden days in many cultures they considered that wearing armlets ward them off from evil. These armlets are usually made with a lot of materials like stainless steel, ivory, shell, glass, wooden, terracotta, lac, etc. and among these shell armlets are most sought and are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. These shell armlets are exclusively made in Indonesia and is exported to various countries all over the world. But now-a-days it is even available at certain places along the sea shore.

Shell Armlets Handicraft
Shell armlets really look exotic and these armlets are mainly made from cowrie shells and certain other types of shells are also used. These shells are joined together to form a chain and a cloth is attached behind with loose ends and these loose ends can be tied behind the upper part of the arm, so that the shells are visible. Sometimes these shells are attached with beads wooden or glass and made as armlets.

These shell armlets look really inviting and any modern day women would like to adore with such armlets, as they are pretty much useful in showing her healthily developed arms. The shell armlets play a dual role and they can be used as armlets as well as bracelets. Everything depends on one’s creativity and taste.

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