Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Shisham otherwise called as “Sheesham” or “Indian Rosewood” belongs to the Dalbergia sissoo family and is an erect deciduous tree. It is a native to Haryana and other parts of India like Jammu and Kashmir. These trees are also found in Pakistan, Srilanka, Kenya, Nepal and Bangladesh. Shisham trees can grow as tall as 1300 mm and can withstand extreme draught as well as extreme rainfall of up to 2000mm.

Handcrafted Shisham Wood Boxes
Shisham is known worldwide as a leading species among the rosewood genus. Shisham wood is used to make the finest furniture and veneer cabinets all over the world. Shisham wood is in huge demand for its durability, attractive grain surfaces, color and the quality to withstand extreme climatic conditions. The heartwood of Shisham has golden brown graining and the lighter sapwood has ivory graining which makes it very attractive and is used as an alternative to teak wood. Shisham wood is used to make boats, carvings, floorings, etc. Even the waste of Shisham wood is used as fuel for cooking food.

Shisham wood is known for its durability, color, attractive grain surface, elasticity, strength, etc. All these properties of Shisham wood make it excellent wood to make furniture like tables, boxes, chairs, almirahs, etc.

Boxes are useful for transporting or storing things. In olden days, it was customary to gift every bride was given such beautiful wooden boxes to help her store her valuables and other things in her husband’s house. These wooden boxes though made from different types of materials like steel, other metals and wood like teak, rosewood and Shisham wood, boxes made from Shisham wood are very famous and are considered long lasting. Craftsmen also find it easier to show their workmanship on such wood.

Each Shisham wood box is different as craftsmen handcraft them differently. They are painted and stained and at times with inlaid with pearls and ivory. The price of each box depends on the size and intricacy of the design.

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