Wednesday, 7 March 2018


A stainless steel armlet is an ornament made of stainless steel and is worn around the upper part of one’s arm. It is also called as arm ring and is probably one of the oldest types of jewelry used by women. It looks like a bracelet, but is bigger in size and structure, so as to fit the upper arm. In ancient times both men and women wore it as an ornament. Today with unconventional jewelry becoming a rage worldwide, stainless steel jewelry is fast gaining popularity especially among the younger lot.

Handcrafted Stainless Steel Armlets
One of the reasons for the popularity of these stainless steel armlets is that, they are very sturdy, water resistant, rust proof and most importantly non-toxic. Stainless steel armlets are very cheap when compared to gold, silver or other costly alloys. They can be cleaned easily and will not crack or chip away thus making them very safe to use.

Even though, stainless steel armlets are on the heavier when compared to other alloys like aluminum, they are sought after. These armlets make perfect gifts and will match with any type of gold, diamond and silver jewelry as it is made with exotic craftsmanship. Stainless steel armlets are usually studded with semi-precious stones and other dazzling stones. They are also often engraved or embossed with peculiar designs like shape of snakes, in the shape of butterflies, armlets in the shape of a crown studded with crystals among many more other enchanting designs. At times stainless steel armlets are made to look like antique jewelry with a rustic appeal. This in turn makes them more enthralling.

High quality stainless steel is mostly used to make armlets as they are very durable. These armlets are produced in huge numbers in countries like India, Indonesia and China as there is a huge demand

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