Friday, 9 March 2018


Stone JewelryJewelry studded with different gems is quite popular among Indians. For reasons ranging from spiritual to aesthetic to health, gemstone jewelry has become the part of life of Indian women and men both. These stone jewelries are worn according to the individual's astrological chart and ruling of planet. Navaratna i.e. the combination of nine gems together, to form a necklace forms important part in the life and fashion of Indian women. These stones are believed to have extraordinary healing power.

Each gem in the mala has certain attributes of healing properties. Some stone jewelries are believed to protect against poisonous substances and banishe any evil spirits that hover around. The commercial importance of gems has been increasing recently, for various reasons like their traditional role in the life of Indians and growing consciousness among people. It is believed that except for the emerald, all other precious stones were mined in India. India had developed technology of gem preparation even in early centuries of Christian era.

Diamond has been considered the best gem. It is found in at least six colors and has connotations for six deities. According to common belief, green is attached with Vishnu (the Preserver), white with Varuna (god of Oceans), yellow with Indra (god of Heavens), brown with Agni (Fire god), blue with Yama (god of Death) and copper colored with the Maruts (Storm god). Besides the attachment of deities with each color of diamond, a spotless diamond is considered the abode of deities. A perfect diamond is considered to be the one that could float in water and has six elevated tips, eight equal sides and twelve sharp edges.

Apart from being used in ornamentation, gems are believed to have medicinal attributes too. As has traditionally been believed, the human body is composed of the seven colors of the rainbow, associated with seven kinds of rays. Diseases enter the body when there is a deficiency or excess of any ray in our body. Interestingly, each color is associated with a particular gem, which in turn is associated with a particular planet. Astrologically, a gem is beneficial when worn in the phase of a particular planet, as these stones also affect our health and destinies.

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