Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Sundial compasses are the most ancient scientific instruments and the first devices used to know time and to find directions. These are amazing and exceptional devices with the magnetic needle pivoted over a smooth pointed base to make it move freely. In ancient times, sailors used these compasses to know their direction while sailing in ships. Sundial compasses are made of brass, copper and other metals and thus act as beautiful antique decorative items. These are fully functional and beautiful compasses which are polished to a bright luster or antique brass patina finishes. Nautical sundial compasses make great gifts to woodsmen, soldiers and sailors who find it difficult to operate without this useful tool. Known as a timepiece and functional compass, sundials also make very good corporate and home decorating stuff.

Different Sundial Compasses

Round Sundial Compass

This is an attractive solid brass antique sundial with an internal magnetic compass. The top of the sundial is tilted and a curved scale is used to set local latitude angles. This sundial can be used as a table top decoration to enliven your study room.

Square Sundial Compass
This square sundial compass is made using brass or copper. The curved and shiny top enhances the look of the compass. And it makes for a piece of fantastic scientific decoration in your office.

Jewelry Sundial
These mini portable sundials are used as decorative jewelry hangings for handbags, outfits, etc. Although their main function is mostly decorative, some of them are amazingly accurate.

Antique Sundial Compass
Antique sundial compasses are made with sesame wooden boxes, which are provided with copper dials. They make great antique pieces for your home.

Armillary Sundial
Armillary sundial spheres have become an icon of both science and decorative items, and their elegant rings with beautiful outlines represent planet Earth. These instruments are made of a set of graduated rings to show circles on the celestial sphere, such as the meridian, equator, ecliptic horizon, tropics, and colors. In this Instrument, the Earth is represented by the brass sphere located at the center of the armillary sphere. They are usually made in casted brass and come in various sizes and looks.

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