Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Terracotta jewelry is fashionable and looks elegant. Among all the terracotta jewelry that is available, armlets are among the most sought after. The word ‘terracotta’ is a word derived from Italian, which means “cooked earth”. The clay used to make terracotta is red in color and pretty hard in texture. It is interesting to note that terracotta was even used during the Indus valley civilization in Mohenjo-Daro. The ancient people who inhabited this early civilization made different kinds of attractive jewelry some of which have survived the test of time!

Handcrafted Terracotta Armlets
Terracotta armlets usually go well with traditional dresses. However, jewelers have started coming up with new and unique designs that go well with all kinds of modern clothing as well. These armlets made out of terracotta can be worn on any occasion and by all age groups due to their ethnic looks. It adds class to the other kind of jewels one is wearing. People who really have a taste for handcrafted jewelry would surely love these armlets.

Terracotta armlets are made in various shapes and colors like gray, pink or red, which gives it a rustic appearance. At times, such jewelry is embossed in gold and silver. Jewelers, who make these pieces, first shape the clay according to designs and then bake them in a kiln or leave them in the hot sun to dry up. Once baked or dried the design or shape cannot be changed.

Like other clay jewelry, terracotta armlets can be easily molded with hands without the requirement of other tools. Artisans these days make them more appealing now by carving, painting and even embedding them with various glistening stones and beads to give them that extra refinement.

Terracotta jewels can complement any type of dress one wears. They look rustic and like antique jewelry and are available at very reasonable prices.

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