Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Terracotta is derived from the Italian word “terra cocta” which literally means baked or cooked earth, which is nothing but clay based unglazed ceramics. Terracotta is used to make a variety of things like vessels, sculptures, waste water pipes and jewels. Terracotta jewelries are very fashionable and look very elegant and ethnic too. Terracotta was used even from the times of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. Clay is molded into desired shape and baked in the direct sun or under the kiln. Thus baked shapes are terracotta and are brownish orange in color. They can also take up any natural colors like pink, gray, red or rust.

Handcrafted Terracotta Bangles
Bangles are a very traditional Indian ornament and are named differently as “Valayal” in Tamil, “Chudi” in Hindi, “Gaaju” in Telugu, etc. in different Indian languages. Even though people term it differently they are using it for a single purpose. People consider it to be symbol of matrimony and usually they are not as flexible as bracelets and people also consider it to ward off evil. Today even men have started wearing single bangle in their hands. Bangles are made with various materials like plastics, glass, gold, silver, platinum, wood, terracotta, etc.

Terracotta bangles are and were the most sought jewels. Even during the ancient Indus civilizations, terracotta bangles were made and were painted with black and red. Those times people have used it in multitudes, as the glass bangles of today. Terracotta bangles make a sort of jingling sound as that of glass or metal bangles and are very attractive.

Now-a-days terracotta jewelry makers are coming up with new models of bangles and the designs are also very unique. Earlier it used to be very plain. But, they have started carving intricate designs and even decorating with stones, glass pieces and stones. Different glazed and rough finishes can be given.

People, who have a great taste towards tradition and art, prefer these kinds of bangles and these bangles add a class to the already existing jewelry. It can mix and matched with any kind of jewelry and dress, traditional nomadic dresses or modern dresses. It depends on ones taste of fashion and way of dressing.

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