Wednesday, 7 March 2018


White metal is nothing but the silvery colored alloy that is used as a base for plating silver objects, knickknacks, ornaments, jewelry and at times statues, photo frames, ornamental boxes, candle stands, etc. White metal is made up of several metals like tin, zinc, bismuth, lead, antimony, etc. Not all of these are used, but a proportion of these are used to achieve the desired metal. The advantage of this metal is that they are resistant to wear and tear, and can be easily shaped into the desired form.

Handcrafted White Metal Armlets
White metal is favored by people for its beauty, durability, glow and shine. Even though artisans use bronze, gold, and silver among other metals to make boxes, white metal is cheaper and looks grand as an end product.

Armlets are ornaments that are worn around the one’s arms and are also called as arm rings. They are probably one of the oldest forms of jewelry worn by people all over the world. In ancient times both men and women wore armlets and it is surprising that it is in fashion again today! White metal armlets are gaining popularity among the younger lot as they have started understanding the benefits of it. This is because white metal armlets are sturdy, water proof and non-toxic.

Apart from being safe on the skin, these armlets are inexpensive and anybody can afford to buy them. Moreover, these armlets can also be used for long term as they do not wear away so easily. Though white metal armlets look similar to silver armlets, they are easy to maintain. Many young girls prefer white metal armlets for their beautiful designs that look exotic.

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