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An almirah is nothing but a cupboard with shelves where you can store a lot of things. Wooden almirahs are can be placed anywhere in the bedroom for storing clothes, in the kitchen to store utensils or in the study at home or office to store books and other things. Though, almirahs are made of different materials, the wooden almirahs have their own place. Modern almirahs have not brought in any change and they look the same as the antique almirahs that were used olden days.

Handcrafted Wooden Almirah
Wooden almiras can be with a single door or double doors, with or without locks. These doors are very richly designed, carved or painted. At times these designs may have inlaid ornamentation work done with brass, copper or ivory. The wooden doors are sometimes replaced by lattice or glass doors. Sometimes there may be a series of shelves or may be like a wardrobe, where you can hang your clothes as well.

The specialty about Indian almirahs is that they have separate in-built locker facilities, where one can safely keep money and jewels and open it when the need arises. In Indian families, wooden almirahs are bought or made on special occasions like marriages or as gifts for the bride in the groom’s house.

Wooden almirahs are particularly made in certain regions in India.
  • Barmer, Jodhpur, and Kishangarh in Rajasthan are known for their classical wooden almirah work, and they are made very ornamentally with detailed designs. Rajasthan is also known for beautiful painted almirahs that were once patronized Rajasthani Royalty. The wood the craftsmen used were Rohira, Babool, Mango and Rosewood.
  • Other places like Shekhavathi and Ramgarh in Rajasthan are famous for their intricate floral designs on the doors of wooden almirahs.
  • Hoshiapur in Punjab and Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh are very famous for their almirahs carved with beautiful designs and inlayed with bone, brass, marble or ivory. They mainly use Shisham wood for making these almirahs. Other than Shisham, they use teak; walnut, deodar, babool, mahogany, etc. as well.
  • Sankheda in Gujarat is very famous and known for almirahs coated with lacquer that are brightly painted and with floral and geometric patterns. They use teakwood for making almirahs.
  • Andhra Pradesh and Orissa are also famous for their almirahs that are beautifully painted with bold colors.
  • Kashmir is famous for almirahs that are made from walnut wood and carved with attractive designs on them.
  • West Bengal is famous for wooden almirahs that are made with glass doors.

These wooden Almirahs speak about the craftsmanship and no two almirahs resemble each other.

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