Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Many people used to go for the metal rings as they are durable and don’t require much maintenance. But wood rings are beautiful for their natural grain patterns and colors. Each design varies from species to species and even from one tree to another. One may also feel the warmth of the tree wearing wooden rings. Wooden rings look really nice on anyone’s finger. Wood rings are not used as finger rings. Bigger wooden rings are used for various art purposes like bird rings, rings for curtains and for making other craft items.

Handcrafted wooden rings
Wood is like a group of straw. A group of straw is very hard to break. So, one needn’t worry about the durability of wood ring. Wood ring will not wear out for many years. So many, eco-friendly Couple tends to choose wooden rings as their wedding rings too. Many people have started using wooden finger rings for bonding their relationships. Certain custom made wooden rings are used as engagement rings, friendship rings, promise rings and for many other occasions.

Anyone can make a wooden ring as it is easy to make. Just you need to cut a hole in the center and sand it along the sides and make it to the required size. If any extra pieces are protruding, you may cut it or just sand it off. But there are certain methods by which we need to cut the wood to have a long durability.

The first method is called “Bent Wood Method” in which , several strips of wood are softened and bent to desired circular shapes and attached along to be made as a ring. This method is little tricky as bending the wood into small circles are pretty tougher. For this oak and hickory are used which are easier to bend. People who are skilled can do this perfectly. These types of rings are really expensive as more craftsmanship is involved.

The second method is called as “Layered Method”, in which numerous wood layers are used which is cut along the grain perpendicularly between the neighboring pieces. In such a way, the layers match with one another. Even though these rings are not so stronger compared to the bentwood rings, they are far more strong than the rings made from single piece of wood. There is no intricate inlay of work is required in this type and the strips are molded like a sandwich and once ready they give a great look.

The last method is “Combination Method”, in which the “Bentwood Method” and “Layered Method” are combined. Firstly the layers are cut and attached and then a thin piece of bentwood is attached to the inner portion of the hole of this ring. The rings made out of this type are aesthetically beautiful as well as strong enough.

Rings made out of the above said methods can be finished by the use of certain chemicals like Polycyclic, Water lox or Land ark which is a mixture of pure citrus solvent, Linseed, pine rosin and Tung-oil. Out of the three Land ark is mostly used now-a-days for its wood finish.

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