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Marble, a metamorphic rock is composed of limestone and other minerals like dolomite or calcite. When limestone undergoes great pressure for a long time, it turns into marble. Marble compared to limestone is tougher and looks more beautiful and people love to use them for various building and ornamental purposes. Marbles are mostly white in color, but at times they are found with tinges of is a mixture of color like gray, black, yellow, pink, green, buff or red and looks amazingly attractive as they are arranged as patches due to impurities. The word Marble is derived from the Greek word “m├írmaron” which means “shining stone” or “crystalline rock”.

Handmade Marble Utensils
Marble was used even during the ancient period of Greece and Rome and was used to make statues and flooring. Marble is very expensive and people very rarely made utensils with marble stones. The first known marble utensils made by people were the Mortar and Pestle which were used for grinding herbs and spices.

Marble is also susceptible to breakage, so people very rarely use the stone to make utensils. Instead, since they look amazingly beautiful, people used them for serving purposes on special occasions. After steel and other utensils came into existence, marble was used to make handles for spoons and serving dishes.If handled properly, it will last for a life time.

While buying marble utensils one should opt for the pure white ones as the colored ones have impurities present and utensils made from such marble won’t sustain for longer and it may break easily. Marble utensils, look chic and stylish when used in parties to serve and is a symbol of status.

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