Friday, 9 March 2018


Indian PotteryLike all other handicrafts and crafts, the tradition of pottery making in India is very old. The ancient pottery of a country speaks volumes about its civilization. Pottery is one of those important mediums through which men have expressed their emotions. For thousands of years pottery art has been one of the most beautiful forms of expression. A piece of pottery has a visual message in its shape and color.

Pottery is the most sensual of all arts. In India, we have had a great tradition of pottery making. In fact, being an agricultural country, pots for storage of water and grains were in demand. The real beginning of Indian pottery began with the Indus Valley Civilization and the art of shaping and baking clay articles as pottery, earthenware and porcelain has continued through the ages. While pottery and earthenware are definitely utilitarian and often decorative, porcelain and studio pottery belong to the sphere of art.

There is proof of pottery making, both handmade and wheel-made, from all over India. In the Harappaan civilization potter's place was quite an important one in society. The craft was well advanced. Rectangular oven for firing the product were in use. Seals and grain and water containers were made that were put to use effectively. The potter occupies a unique position in the craft traditions of India. India is home to more than a million potters. The potters are wonderful masters of their trade. 

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