Friday, 9 March 2018

RTI Song in Telugu

RTI Song (Telugu) (Version 1). Shortly we will be coming with version 2.

Hindi RTI song (Written and Sung by Charul and Vinay is translated to telugu. The orginal RTI song ( is translated into 13 languages so far and now telugu being the 14th language. In Telugu the lyrics was written by Famous Lyrics writer "Anantha Sriram" and Music was composed by "Phaninarayana". The song was sung by "Anantha Sriram and Saahiti".

The project was supported by Film Director Mr.Madura Sridhar and Mr.Palem Srikanth Reddy

ITMD (NGO - It's Time to Make a Difference) made the effort to bring the song to telugu.

To know more about Vinay and Charu who have written and sung the song :
Vinay Mahajan and Charul Bharwada of `Loknaad` (people`s voice) use songs, accompanied with 'ghungroo' and 'dafli' to take the results of their findings from studies and field experience to the people for collective reflection and action.

Vinay, an agricultural engineeer and Charul, an architect left their corporate jobs and initiated Loknaad in 1992 with an aim towards "building the culture of peace, dignity and democracy."

The duo has written and composed 50 songs in Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi, and given over 250 performances focused on marginalised communities -- with special emphasis on women and children, and the issues related to agriculture and water resources.

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