Saturday, 10 March 2018


Srinivas Ranabothu, a Project Manager by profession and a social worker by choice. He has been active in several Indian organizations in USA. He is the President of NJ chapter of People for Lok Satta, an organization working for gross root political reforms in INDIA.
Srinivas completed his B.Tech in Hyderabad and moved to USA for higher education, in 2002 and has been living there since then. Though he is away from motherland for work, his heart is always with the common people of INDIA. He was a strong campaigner for NRI voting rights, ran campaigns at various events in USA. He was one of the organizers of “Dandi March II”. He also woked with “India Against Corruption” – USA team.
Srinivas’s dream is to make youth actively participate in democratic process and transform the Indian political system with “clean politics for better India”. He strongly believes that only good leaders can make a difference in the society, youth should perceive politics as one of their activities. His strong views in favor of the INDIAN system that works, his agony towards the people who spoil the system, makes him an eloquent speaker on various topics related to INDIA.

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