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About Bhopal

Bhopal is known for its laidback charm and is a part of the Malwa Plateau in the north-western part of Madhya Pradesh. The stately aura all around endows this town with a distinguishing appeal that never fails to impress even the most discriminating tourists. About Bhopal it is said that it is the city of lakes and it is quite true as it is dotted by numerous exquisite lakes. Make sure that you have enough time in hand since there are many things to watch in Bhopal.
Fast Facts
Area284.9 square kilometers
Altitude523 meters
LanguagesHindi, Urdu, and English
STD Code0755
State CapitalYes

The history of Bhopal could be traced date back to the 11th century A.D., when the renowned King Bhoj built it. People are of the belief that the name Bhopal is a distortion of the founder's name. Nonetheless, the region soon came under Mughal rule and was a part of that kingdom till the death of the Emperor Aurangzeb in 1707 A.D.

There was an Afghan soldier Dost Mohammad, who founded the city in A.D. 1723. He assisted Rani Kalmapathi in combating the attacks of the Rajput Thakurs and thus it was ruled by the Begums of the royal family for a period of 100 years. The administrative aspects of the state were taken care of quite capably by the begums and they generally used to lead austere lives.

Among all the rulers of Bhopal, most able rulers of the state was Nawab Sultan Jahan and consequently her son Nawab Hamidullah also took keen interest in the political affairs of the state and it was under his rule that this sleepy town was transformed into a developing city.
Best Season, Climate and Clothing
Summers are too sweltering and very scorching to make a visit to this place and last from April to June. The winters are quite pleasant and last from November to February. July to September is the monsoon period and it receives the south-western monsoon rains. It is better not to make a tour of Bhopal during the summers and cotton clothing is simply ideal all the year round in Bhopal. 

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