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TODAY'S KALAM How You Can Improve Your Creative Thinking

How You Can Improve Your Creative Thinking By Dr. Ali Khwaja and Asha S.
Interested in a career in animation? Ensure that you have, or can build, creative thinking. In any design field, a person who can explore, look outside-the-box, and do lateral thinking, becomes most successful. Many people do not understand the concept, and only focus on their drawing skills. Drawing is only one part of being a good animator. Developing a mind that can generate new ideas and fascinating visuals, is more important.
What is creative thinking?
Creative thinking is an ability, attitude, and a process. Believe it or not, everyone has substantial creative ability. Just look at how creative children are. In adults, creativity has too often been suppressed through education, but it is still there and can be reawakened.
Thinking out of the box
Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas by combining, changing, or reapplying existing ideas. Some creative ideas are astonishing and brilliant, while others are just simple, good, practical ideas that no one seems to have thought of yet.
Often all that's needed to be creative is to make a commitment to creativity and to take the time for it.
Credit: Vancouver Film School, CC-By-2.0,
As children we are all capable of thinking out of the box then why is it that as we grow we stop, the reasons could be any of these blocks that we put in our mind as we grow up - Oh no it is a problem, it can't be done, I can't do anything about, I am not creative, that is being childish, what will people think? I might fail.
Example: How to divide a piece of cake equally between your two kids so they won't complain that one kid is preferred over the other: "You gave him the bigger piece; you like him better! Waaaah!"Solution: Put the kids in charge of dividing the cake. Our prejudice is that immature, selfish kids can't do the job. But the solution, one cuts the cake, the other has first choice of pieces, works very well.
Some more examples: You go to a party or a get-together and are given a glass of juice which is very sweet; what do you do?
You are cooking a tried and tested recipe and are bored; what would you do?
Have to reach a destination and there are four routes to choose from; What do you do?
Characteristics of a creative person
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>curious
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>seeks problems
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>enjoys challenge
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>optimistic
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>able to suspend judgment
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>comfortable with imagination
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>sees problems as opportunities
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>sees problems as interesting
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>problems are emotionally acceptable
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>challenges assumptions
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>doesn't give up easily: perseveres, works hard
Credit: Davide Restivo, CC-By-SA-2.0,
Ways we can improve our creative thinking capacities
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>keep track of all new ideas that come to your mind, note them down
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>develop the attitude of having a curious mind and an inquiring mind
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>develop and cultivate hobbies
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>be self-aware
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>try to understand things that might not be important to you now, or not of much relevance
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>be flexible and open to new ideas
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>be alert to look for similarities, differences and the unique features
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>adopt a risk taking attitude
<![if !supportLists]>§  <![endif]>develop a Sense of Humour
Don’t just read these points and try to memorize them. Look at each of them critically, then be creative enough to make your own definitions and ideas. Then you know that you are truly a creative person, and will do well in animation or any other related field.

Love all-Serve all
AMMA Srinivas

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