Monday, 5 March 2018


                      Rajasthan Wildlife Tours

The wildlife of Rajasthan is as magnificent and varied as the geography and cultural traditions of the state. The arid climate and sparse vegetation has helped the survival of some unique species of animals and plants in the forests of Rajasthan. The lakes of the state support many species of birds. The Rajasthan wildlife tours are the ideal way to systematically explore this fascinating aspect of tourism in Rajasthan. 

There are a number of protected forests in Rajasthan that offer a safe home to a large number of wildlife species. These include some of the best known wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. The chief among these are the Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park, Desert National Park, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Most of these protected forests were previously the hunting grounds of the erstwhile rulers of Rajasthan. Once upon a time, tigers were abundant here, but indiscriminate hunting by the royalty and the British for sport have resulted in a catastrophic decline in tiger population. Tigers are now under protection in tiger reserves like Sariska and Ranthambore, but the big cats still face the threat of extinction as poaching continues to be a menace. 

The species that you can expect to spot on the Rajasthan wildlife tours include tigers, leopards, jungle cat, civet, mongoose, hyena, wild boar, sloth bear, sambhar, four horned antelope, spotted deer, nilgai, gaur, langur, and the rhesus macaque. The black bucks and the great Indian bustard are among the severely threatened species that are found in Rajasthan.

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