Saturday, 10 March 2018


Mr. y.panasa ramakrishna is an it employee who has involved in social activities and he got ivnolved with the empowerment of citizens on rti with his friends through it's time to make a diffrence (itmd)group.The group brought together several it employees and public spirited citizens to work to ensure trustworthy governance,correction of mistakes and remedy wrong practices in the system.he got involved in protection of lakes and was closely assosciated with india against corruption anna hazare movement in hyderabad.

Mr.panasa ramakrishna creates awareness on use of rti training people and organisations and monitoring its implementation.He works for protection of water bodies in hyderabad city also and he is the present convenor of Save our urban lakes (SOUL) network which invites various groups and individuals who fight for protecton of water bodies.Through ITMD he has conducted various workshops and programmes to spread awareness on use of rti.He also filed more than 250 RTI applications;he also assists the government officers in replying to the RTIapplications and conduct sessions for them.

He also reported few cases to Vigilance,Lokayukta, human rights comissions against the wrong doing govt officers and the system.

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