Thursday, 19 April 2018

Challenges students face when studying abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting time in any student's life. One can head to a brand new country, and start picking up new skills and making friends for life. There's no better time to go than while one is studying. As a student abroad though, one usually face some difficulties.

  • Language Barriers

The biggest issue one encounters while one travels abroad is the language barrier. It arouses feelings of isolation and homesickness to be living in a country where no one speaks one’s language.

  • Cultural Differences 

Every country has their own culture, and one may be find it difficult to fit in. Gradually one starts feeling like an outsider in the new country. The different   cultural ideologies and values among peers creates rifts and it becomes difficult to share a bonhomie.

  • Finances

Pursuing higher studies abroad is expensive and students may face monetary problems at some point or other in managing daily expenses on limited allowances sent by parents.

  • Facing Prejudice

There might be instances where the some students may face prejudice and discrimination from their foreign counterparts in the social and academic lives. Students going abroad to pursue higher studies may also suffer from exclusion, lack of involvement in groups and biased behavior from the foreign students. Although social discrimination is not supported by universities abroad, there may be incidents where  students may feel humiliated due to neglect and being ignored by the local students.

  • Academic Expectations

Because of the many difficulties that students tend to face in a new learning environment and being accustomed one’s own learning style , it is common to observe students grades drop during the first year of university.Some students may have high academic expectations and may find their performance depressing and discouraging.

While there are several challenges that one normally faces when studying abroad, the experience is very rewarding and enriching ahead in life.

-Bhavya Bhatia
Final year student at JMC, Delhi University.

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