Thursday, 19 April 2018

Go on : The motive of living

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

“Go do, you’ll learn to just let yourself fall into landslide. Go do, you’ll learn to just let yourself give into low tide. Go do!”~Jonsi

I recently heard from one of my childhood friends from whom i had not heard for about 7 years. He sent me an email about how he was doing in his life and his success .To my surprise he quoted some words which I often spoke when I as in touch with him, years ago, to encourage him.

What were those words?? Never talk about dreams. Dream is the key of developing something you have actually inherently craved to do. Think of it, actually as a moment of realizing and and keep doing. In the journey of life there will be instances when you will fall, trip, feel devastated but it is important that you never give up and keep going. The motto of life should be to keep going no matter you fall and get injured. Failures and injuries you face on the path, in life are the stepping stones to success.

At times we feel that would we end up doing nothing in life?  Fear grips us as to what to do with life?? We all have dreams, aspirations and goals in life. We all want our dreams to be fulfilled and goals to be achieved yet we don’t think of ways of accomplishing them. This is something we all face at some point in our adulthood and the  fear of what’s to come, what may be, holds us back from simply doing anything. In that way, we find ourselves feeling so stagnant that depression starts taking hold.

Keep going and keep doing, cause it is about the journey that you have to create on your own.
Yesterday one of my friends asked me how to keep moving in life. How to achieve something in life? How do we keep the balance and keep going following the same daily routine: enjoying ourselves, hanging out with our friends, getting drunk and living the life to the fullest .How do we have big dreams, and still obtain them? How do we experience the day to day? How do we go do?

We need to eliminate the day-to-day stresses, hopes, demands, and needs -
‘I was still in fear for my very own life, whether it was at stake in reality or not.’

We are usually terrified or ignorant about mending and fixing up things aligning ourselves to morality cos of our superego; superego is our mental abilities and moral development is the development of human beings in accordance to what is ethical and what is socially acceptable. We are so stuck with the future that we forget the importance of living in the present .When we are in crisis situations even stressful situations at work or school or at home, our bodies tell us to fight or fly. But on a more conscious level we most importantly end up denying ourselves rather than accepting ourselves for who we are. We should not allow ourselves to think about the stressful situation that we are in but act to go do.

Life is a string of present moments, neither past nor future just the present counts. In any case the movement is the doing and living. We question too much but don’t try hard to get those questions answered by us. We blame too much  but rather we should kill sources of blaming. We live in the fake world too much that we ignore the reality and the moments we could cherish from them .Had we not behaved as stagnant pools of water we might have changed the world till now. At the stake lies happiness, peace , inner strength and confidence .

Therefore, it is important that we recognize every moment to keep moving and to keep going.
It is an oxymoron to be in the moment and always moving from the moment, but such is life and it is a truth that cannot be denied if we are in search of peace.
The world is ever moving. Ever changing.
Living in the moment means doing or feeling or seeing or recognizing what’s right in front of you. The important thing is to let yourself experience everything—the good and the bad—and once you experience it, then you let it pass.

We get caught up in our pasts because we did not allow ourselves to live those pasts when they were present. We have to live in the moment so that it can pass. You have to face your fears, so they too can pass. And since it must pass, we must feel its presence, good or bad, while it actually is present, for it too will haunt us, for better or for worse.
We so often get caught up in the stress, the worry, and in some cases, so caught up in avoiding the danger or fear in front of us, that we forget to just live.  It is important we live our lives in way we always dreamed of as said by my friend ‘ life is given once , enjoy every moment’ . So why stress on these things lets go on the journey of life and enjoy it so that when we are gone the pages run out of stock to describe us ...our lives ..the words go on endlessly to be told to anyone …the memories so hard to forget that people cannot forget what we did !

So try to balance and stay on your bike Remember to live each moment, let it pass, but keep moving and enjoy the next. As Jonsi said, just “go do.”

- By Avantika Dabral
Senior Secondary Year of completion:2017
ISC Board(Wynberg Allen)
Secondary Education Year of completion:2015
ICSE Board:C.J.M Hampton Court

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