Thursday, 14 June 2018

Plogging : A Blessing

                   Plogging is a mix of the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’, meaning pick up, with jogging. Started by Erik Ahlstrom, it is an initiative where people go for jogging and pick up trash as well. The founder feels it is just like a treasure hunt. It was just a small idea which turned out to become at movement. They get to run with a purpose.

                   According to Emily Wright, a plogger, the trash mostly contains-use plastic, mostly bottles and bottle caps, straws, tampon applicators and full diapers. She is highly sweaty, highly tired and her bpsy aches, which is a good sign of working out. Erik says,

‘Trash creates Trash. If it’s clean, you keep it clean.

                  Ploggers, sometimes, take up challenges as well like 30-day challenge to collect litter for 10 days every day. One of the ploggers also used social media as a platform to engage other people in their work. The social media groups have connected a number of people within a few weeks. It can also be a group activity where people walk and pick up trash. The founder, Erik, has also created a website Plogga to organise the activity and encourage volunteers. Even little ones have started helping their parents and other family members. It is a way of keeping kids active and teaching them valuable lessons of keeping the Mother Earth clean. 

                According to Lifesum, a Swedish health app, ploggers around 288 calories in 30 minutes. This number is more or less same to what a jogger burns while jogging. This practice of plogging is not only helping individuals but also their community. As a workout, it helps body in various ways as it involves bending, squatting and stretching. Moreover, an organisation, Keep America Beautiful, partnered with Lifesum to support fitness trend.

               Plogging is growing rapidly in France, USA, Thailand, Scotland and Mexico.

- By Aarzoo Kareer

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