Friday, 15 June 2018

SUICIDE: A solution to a problem which does not exist

"Suffering is a wish, you have it when you make it."

Under the meticulous observance, life imitates the stage of a circus where a human is merely a clown juggling pins of emotions. Sometimes happiness is in hand, sometimes sorrow and sometimes neutral but when the hands feel tired and stop, everything falls apart. It is when zeal spirits away from the body of the clown and he needs the motivation to stand again and live up to his role aka life. We all pick lots of yearnings on our way back to earth from where we emerged in the first place. However, ample of hindrances are faced in order to savor the soul with those dreams.  Being a human, we all are compelled to sit in the boat with a hole. Problems follow an algorithm to choose their victim irrespective of their class, gender, and religion. I have seen the face of worst difficulties in my life many times and a life long sleep urged strongly to me as well. Nevertheless, a rational thinking always pulled me back fro the lining of the well and helped me understand that the well of death will only dehydrate me more and the real thirst can be quenched only by living. It will take at least 4-5 seconds to abandon the soul but utmost a fraction of second to realize that this is not what your loved ones imagined for you. All you need is a second to think and your own brain will snap you out of your misery. I know there comes the time when running away is all you want even if that requires the silence of your life. But suicide is not an anti-depressant, it is just the worst opposite may be not to you but for all those who ever shared a smile with you. The point is, pain is not stationary. It will move out of your space may be not today, not tomorrow but eventually. Till then all you need to do is find a hiding in those who have a heart for you and your life. Hope is one entity that never leaves even in the time of austere. Always keep a hold on it and any trail even on the edge will be harmless.

And I cried hard in front of him and begged him to take me away,
he stood there with silence on lips and had nothing to say.
I felt like my tears were invisible to him and my pain so pity,
he started laughing on my face like my life was not horrid but witty.
After a while, he asked me why do I wish to seek the end of the living,
what is that I did in this small time that is so unfit for forgiving.
I yelled my throat and told my issues as I knew there was no solution,
I did not wish to hear another speech and only hoped for execution.
He came close and whispered in my ears that life gives minimal choices,
This one is in your hand do not ruin it because of false voices.
Stay uptight for a little longer and pain will disappear like it never occurred,
you will learn to smile all over again and will find this idea nothing but absurd.


Surabhi Singh

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