Monday, 18 June 2018


The moment I hear the word empowerment, numerous thoughts and feelings start running in my mind which take me to a totally different, a world which is full of freedom, acceptance. This word has made a big impact in the world especially in the post modern era when females across the globe have not only won the right to vote but have also landed on the space as well as moon.  In a county that worships young girls as ‘Goddess’, the word EMPOWERMENT seems vague.
Women, down the ages have lead a life of victims of some or the other kind in India. They have been humiliated, tortured, suppressed, brutally beaten, raped and the list is endless. They have not only faced oppression from the world outside but also from their own families and near and dear ones. Parents still consider baby girl as a burden on them. They find it easier to kill a girl child in the womb than to bring her up and educate her. Even if she survives and comes into this world, she is treated differently. She cannot enjoy the kind of life and freedom that is enjoyed by the male members of the family. Her future is decided by others. Since the beginning, females are forced to concentrate more on the cooking and cleaning of the house since that is their ultimate job which they are supposed to fulfil after their marriage. But men on the contrary are always given the freedom to choose the kind of life they want to live. They are free to make their own decisions; they do not have to depend on others for anything. They are the ‘lawmakers’ in the household.
But my India is changing. The females have proved themselves to be better than males in all fields, they do not lack behind in any way. In fact some of the great leaders and leading revolutionaries of the world consider them to be more responsible than men. They not only look after the household and family but also excel in their respective jobs. The worst part is that all this still continues when the females of our country are making the country proud across the globe. Be it in the field of sports, cinema, education, politics or beauty, our girls have surpassed the performance of males. The bitter truth is they still have to fight to live for their safety. A country that boasts of being fastest developing nations has failed in terms of providing a safe environment to live and prosper. The women cannot walk freely and safely on the streets because of the fear of being molested and raped. Even the small babies are not safe. The scenario is so bad that females don’t feel safe inside their home anymore. There is a dire need of some strong laws. The males should be educated in order to treat females with respect and equality and not look down upon them and mistreat them. It is rightly said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. All the females should be given self defence training in the schools itself. I really hope that there comes a day when the women in my country will live a safe and will not be afraid to walk alone.


                                                                                             - By Ridhima Sharma

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