Friday, 4 May 2018

AIJAZ MOHAMMAD - Inspirational person

Aijaz Mohammad was born in 1958 from Hyderabad. He has done his schooling from Diamond Jubilee High School. He completed his graduation in B.A. from Nizam College affiliated by Hanmakonda University. He had worked at Kuwait from 1979-2012 in a bank. He had done business of water purification business and real estate at Hyderabad from 2012. His business of Catering, Guest houses and Banquet halls are opened in the year 2013 is still going.

His father is Saiz Md. and is doing business, his mother is Amina Begum and she is a housewife. He married in 1989. His wife is Shakira Begum. They have 3 childrens namely, Md. Ishaan, Humera Fatima and Md. Aibran.

From 2014, he actively participated in Social activities and distributed food packages.  He participated in many Social activities  with different  NGO’S.

ACCORDING TO THE CONVERSATION, he answered some of our answers:

1. How would you describe yourself in one word
  •   Enthusiastic

2.  Give an example of time when you solved an analytically difficult problem.
  • With the help of others, at the time of war in Kuwait (1990). He returned safely and got everything back.

3. What is your favourite quote?
  • Where there is the will, there is a way.

4. Whom do you like to credit as your role model and why?
  • Md. Ali Boxer and Dale carnegie, a writer(how do win friends and influence the people).

5. Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career? If any?
  • No

6. What message you want to pass for our future generation?
  • Be honest, straight forward and hard working.

                                                                                    - Niharika

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