Monday, 28 May 2018

Future of Digital Marketing

           As stated in Wikipedia, Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. This marketing includes marketing by way of search engines, websites, social media, emails and mobile apps. Digital marketing is a parasol term for all kinds of online marketing efforts.

          Is the scope of digital marketing bright ? It is the brightest! People have started spending more time online as compared to what they spent few years back. A prudent marketer knows where to market his/her product or service in order to grab attention of actual and potential buyers. In today’s dynamic world the right place to market product or service is ‘Internet’.

         The advantages of the digital marketing have enabled a large number of firms to opt for this online medium of marketing. Digital marketing if the fastest mode of communicating the information. It is highly influential. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as well as affordable. It has the potential of targeting a large number of audience as well as specific audience. The Internet Companies have seen an increase in the number of users since the time digital marketing have become effective.

        The reason why many companies opt for digital marketing is that it is easy to learn and is highly powerful. It has also created a number of job opportunities. Smart phones have somewhere aided this type of marketing as people are using such phones in today’s dynamic world in order to adjust with the changing technologies. Also, many businesses have started selling their products online by way of websites, Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups. The online payment mode is quite effective as people can use their Debit and Credit Cards anytime. Hence, Digital Marketing has a long way to go.

- By Aarzoo Kareer

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