Monday, 25 June 2018

Earning Money by Growing Moustache

           Of all the moustache styles, which ones would you like to try? Even if you don’t, what if we tell you people in northern Madhya Pradesh are getting paid for growing moustache. Strange? It might sound strange but police in Madhya Pradesh is being paid for growing moustache. The reason behind such an additional pay is that the higher police officials feel that moustache helps in earning more respect.

          This logic might appear as rearward but this is actually happening in India. The officials think people would obey such officers who are able to command huge respect because of their moustache. Not only from public, they would be able to draw respect from fellow officers as well. This would also encourage others to grow moustache. The pay scale is different for different lengths. More the moustache, more the police shall shell out.

         During a seminar, Police Chief, Mayank Jain, came up with an idea when he noticed that police officers with moustache were able to get more respect as compared to others. He initiated this rule of getting paid for growing moustache. Though the additional pay is not a very big amount but it will surely encourage officers to work on their looks. The payment is around Rs. 30.

        In an interview, Police Chief said that the response is growing with the passage of time. Money might not be a big motivator but earning respect from fellow officers has been a motivator for sure. Even the constables are able to leave a positive impression on the local people. Also, a watch on the style of moustache has been kept in order to avoid deliverance of any wrong message or idea.

-  Aarzoo Kareer  

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