Tuesday, 3 July 2018


 Yes, you read it right. India has its own magnetic hill. It is at a distance of 32 km from Leh International Airport. It is set at an altitude of 14000 feet in the Trans-Himalayan Region. It has become a major tourist attraction due to its unique law of gravity.

            Magnetic Hill is truly consecrated with natural beauty. The beauty of this hill provides calm to the eyes. Despite its beauty, what attracts the tourists and leaves them amazed is its magnetic abilities. It is believed that travellers stop by to experience its reverse gravitational force. This means that whenever anything is kept on the floor, the object moves upwards on its own. According to the rule of gravity, an object must fall down to the earth’s surface when suspended freely. However, this is not the case at Magnetic Hill.

            There are two theories to explain this type of magnetism. One theory is given by the villagers who believe that there once existed a path which connected the floor to heaven. Those who deserved to go to heaven were taken up by the road while others who didn’t deserve to go to heaven were never able to use that road for going to heaven.

           Another theory about this magnetism is the one given by scientists/researchers. They believe that this magnetism is nothing but an optical illusion. The optical illusion makes the downward sloping hill look upwards. So, whenever you see anything going up, it is actually going down.

         The appropriate explanation to this magnetism is still a question and the mystery is yet to be solved. What we can conclude from this is that India is truly incredible!

-   Aarzoo Kareer

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