Saturday, 9 June 2018

ZISHAN - A Youngster Who gives food to the poor people near road side and spend time with them

A Youngster Who knows his Social Responsibility and helps the poor.

Let us Know about him,

He was born on August 4th 1992 in Hyderabad. He completed (computer science) in JNTU university, Hyderabad.


His Father is Mohd. Younus ali and mother is Ayesha sidhiqa and has one sister.

His family supported him very much in both personal and professional life.

Professional career:

At present he is working as marketing employee.
*After completing his education he got job and was not satisfied by it so thought of business which meets his requirement and oined it.

Social/cultural events:

*serving food to the poor people near road side and spending time with them. He is Doing it with his friends with “YES WE CAN ” Foundation.

Special interview:

* How Would you describe yourself in one word?
Ans: We have recognized  by our work which created the trust on us as we can give the detailed charity work done.

*Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?
Ans: serving food to the needy is a noble cause and I am daily trying to serve as much as possible.

*when did you start your first service?
Ans: I started my first service when I was 20 years old through my friends organisaion served food.

* What is your favourite Quote?
Ans: Success doesn’t comes to you ,you has to go for it.

* Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?
Ans: My  two friends are Naveen  and Satish are the two people who inspire me alltime.

* Which is your best achievement?
Ans: My own identity as I do service and I created that in both my personal and professional life..

*What comes to your mind when your out from your bed in the early morning?
Ans: To serve food atleast to single person who is need of it.

Address : Hyderabad.

- By Rizwan Syed

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