Monday, 6 August 2018

Lessons to learn from Bollywood

Bollywood is a huge business dealing with billions of economies. Bollywood business or the movies made are handled along by
   Producer invests in a movie, the economy comprises of star cast payment, the accommodation expenses, the stay expenses, etc. This money is provided by producer.
  Then the producer after completing the whole movie, producer needs to cell the movie disk to a distributor. Distributor is the person who releases, promotes & makes us that keen to watch a particular movie.
You might feel that all they earn is by releasing the movie.
Nope, that is not the story. Before releasing the movie, the TV premier rights, the caller tune rights is all done on paper and the money is earned prior the release.
After that, the movie is finally placed to the theatres. Now here mostly the (exhibitors)theatres to the distributors & sub distributors have ratio of 25-35% to 75-65% of the money earned by releasing the movie.

- By Pratu Bhad

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