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The Sanchi stupa is one of an important monument in India

This is the Great Stupa at Sanchi, Sanchi is a small village, 46 kilometre far from Bhopal, which is also one of the important Buddhist monuments significant the eminence of Buddhist art and architecture. Placed at Sanchi Town, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, this Stupa is the earliest stone structure in India that was built by the emperor Ashoka during the Mauryan period. The height of its huge hemispherical dome is nearly 54.0 ft, which consists a chamber at the centre, where we see the relics of Lord Buddha. Four gateways with a good art generally named as toranas are facing the four directions, a balustrade enclosing the whole structure was added.
        In the year of 1818 British General Henry Taylor discovered this site and the work of Restoration on it started in 1881 and had finished in 1919 under the observation of Sir John Hubert Marshall, who was the director general of the Indian Archaeological Survey. The splendid Sanchi Stupa has considered to be one of the oldest stone structures in the world and it is one of the UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site in India. It is one of the oldest Buddhist pilgrimage point in India.

- By Sruthi

A beautiful pink colored lake Hillier

        Lake Hillier enchants us with its water of pink colour. It locates at just a next to the Pacific Ocean, hence if we watch it from the way of the sky, the contrast of the lake is in the colour of mellow pink and at the same time the blue colour of the Pacific ocean is mesmerizing. The lake Hillier, which has the length of 600 meters and the width of 250 meters, With surroundings of the eucalyptus and the paperback trees  in Western Australia is one of the best tourist magnificent place. Lake Hillier is not only famous for its impressive pink coloured water and its size, but also for a number of diverse fishes which have inhabited in it.

             The  lake Hillier was discovered first in 1802 by  Matthew Flinders, who was a navigator and cartographer. He took the water samples from this lake and also mentioned about its existence in one of his journals. The reason for the pink colour of this lake water is still a doubtful topic, that the scientists do not declare an exact reason for it, however, most scientists suspect that the lake consists of the presence of microalgae of the Dunaliella Salina. This microalgae produces carotenoids which is a colour pigment often found in carrots, so the water appears in the pink colour. But another theory is that the presence of a bacteria named as Halophilic in the salt crusts make a chemical reaction in between the salt and the sodium bicarbonate as a result the water turns into the colour of pink. The water in this lake is safe to swim.

- By Sruthi

NUMAISH - worlds largest industrial exhibition

Numaish is worlds largest industrial exhibition with 2900 stalls on 23 acres area . Numaish 2019 starts on 1st January and ends on February 15 . This numaish has 78 years of history. Daily timings are 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm. 25 -30 lakhs of people are expected to visit for direct purchases, entertainment and education during the 46 days of the exhibition. The theme of this year is Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and education. General description of stalls and amenities- Over 2900 stall spaces of standard dimensions are put with open sides and corrugated zinc sheet roof overhead. Stall holders are expected to erect the stalls at their own expenses. The organisers shall provide electricity on pay per use basis. Common amenities such as water facility and washroom shall be provided and the charges for the same are included in the stall space fees. Stallholders are expected to erect their stalls for inauguration on1st Jan and keep them open on all days till 15 Feb . Special enclaves will be setup apart for categories such as Handicrafts ,leather goods ,hand woven textiles ,Cosmetics, fashion jewellery and so on. Based on specific requests from other countries, exclusive pavilions were also setup in previous years . The products on display ranged from consumer durables to commodities and edible items . Who can participate Exhibitors of industrial items ,sellers of varieties of textiles ,apparels ,carpets, chinaware ,cosmetics ,home appliances footwear handcrafted goods, kitchenware and much more. This a good opportunity for those seeking to establish a presence in Hyderabad , which is one of the emerging mega cities of South Asia. Numaish is a big exhibition which comes only once in every year . Visit the exhibition for wide variety of goods.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Haritha haram

Haritha haram is large scale tree planting initiatives by the government of telangana to increase the amount of tree cover in the state from 24% to33% .The program was launched by Chief minister k Chandrasekhar Rao on 3 July 2015 . Its one of the states flagship progamme to restore degraded forests ,protecting these forests from threats such as smuggling ,encroachment etc .It adopted intensive soil and moisture conservation measures based on watershed approach. In the areas outside forests massive planting activities have been taken up in areas such as roadside avenues, river and barren hills .In institutional premises religious places ,housing colonies and parks . 


Specific duties and responsibilities are assigned to different commitees . These committees are doing regular field inspections and monitoring the ongoing plantations and nursery works . The committees are at the state level steering committee and district level monitoring committee. 

Planting models the program uses multiple planting models 

1 Avenue plantations plants will be planted along national highway roads ,streets of villages and towns . Species include silver oak ,neem ,nerudu and gulmohar trees . 
2 Block plantations Planting will be attempted on wastelands, common lands and panchayat roads . These plantations will be raised in the villages to meet the fuel ,fodder needs of the village. Species include acacia tree , albizia , sundra trees. Planting will be performed by concerned departments and then it will be handed to gram panchayat for maintenance. 
3 Institutional plantations Planting will be done at schools ,colleges ,hospitals, and private institutions. Species include neem , kanuga ,maredu , rela and gulmohar trees. Planting will be done by the concerned departments and the responsibility will be of institutes. 
4 Agro forestry plantations Planting will be done on farmland. Species include teak , red sanders ,tamarind, eucalyptus, bamboo and subabool trees. Farmers will do the planting and maintenance. 
5 Barren hill Planting will done on barren hillocks . Species include hardy plants such as acacia , sissoo ,nemali and kanuga. Planting will be done by the concerned departments and maintenance will done by gram panchayats. This was about haritha haram program or green drive .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Water pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies caused due to human activities. Water pollution is any change in the physical ,chemical properties of water that will have detrimental consequences on any living organism . 

Sources of water pollution 

1 Domestic waste 
2 Industrial effluents 
3 Insecticides and Pesticides 
4 Detergents and fertilisers. 

Effects of Water pollution 

1 Diseases In humans drinking polluted water in any way has many disastrous effects on our health. It causes typhoid, cholera and various other diseases. 
2 Destruction of ecosystems are extremely dynamic and respond to even small changes in the environment. The entire ecosystem can collapse if its unchecked. 
3 Effects the food chain Disruption in food chain happens when toxins and pollutants in water are consumed by aquatic animals which are then consumed by humans . 


1 Save water Conserving water is important. Water wastage is a problem globally . Simple small changes in domestic life can make a huge difference. 
2 Better treatment of sewage So treating waste
products before disposing of in water body helps reduce water pollution on a large scale . Agriculture or other industries can reuse this water by reducing its toxic contents. 
3 Use of environmentally friendly products By using soluble products that do not on to become pollutants we can reduce the amount of water pollution caused by a household.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Air pollution

Air pollution means the presence of chemicals in the air and which lower the quality of air and its harmful to all living things in the atmosphere. Air pollution can be both man made and naturally occurring. 

Causes of air pollution 

The main culprit of air pollution is man made sources of pollution. The single most harmful source of air pollution is burning of fossil fuels like petrol ,diesel coal etc. In rural areas the major source of pollution is the practice of crop burning. Another source of man made pollution is military resources such as nuclear and chemical weapons. 

Consequences of air pollution 

Ozone depletion the ozone layer is a belt of natural gases in the stratosphere that envelopes the planet. The pollutants that cause air pollution in our atmosphere are seriously damaging the ozone layer . Over the last few decades many holes have occurred have appeared in the layer . Smog is deadly combination of smoke and fog . Its greyish fog that is caused when the pollutants in the air such as carbon particles mix with fog . Smog is extremely harmful to humans and the entire environment. 

Strategy to control air pollution 

1 Use of energy efficient appliances Whether at the domestic level or industries level we must have energy efficient compliant appliances. 
2 Shifting Industries Another possible solution to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution is to shift the manufacturing plants ,factories and industries to remote areas with a low level of population. By doing so you can ensure that pollution in the urban areas decreases overtime. 
3 Shifting to Natural gases Instead of using and exhausting fossil fuels shifting to greener option is better for the environment. For example using CNG instead of petrol is great option .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Soil Erosion

Its a process in which the top fertile layer of soil is lost. Due to soil erosion the soil becomes less fertile . The top layer of soil is very light which is easily carried away by wind and water . The removal of topsoil by the natural forces is known as soil erosion. 

Causes of soil erosion 

1 Wind when strong winds blow the topsoil along with organic matter is carried by wind. This happens when the land is not covered with grass or plants. Such conditions are there in desert and semi-desert regions. 
2 Water when it rains in the hilly areas the soil gets washed away towards the plains. The running water deposits the mineral rich soil in the riverbed and over the years this deposition of soil can change the course of river . This can lead to floods which cause the havoc of life and property. Water erosion leads to loss of agriculture potential. 
3 Deforestation humans have taken land from the forest to cultivate and to build houses ,industry etc . Cutting of trees on large scale leads to deforestation. When large areas of the forest are cleared the topsoil gets eroded by wind and flowing water. 

Soil conservation 

1 Afforestation Planting new trees is called afforestation. We live because plants live ,if the plants
die all livings things will also die . Thus whenever trees are cut down new trees should be planted . 
2 Crop rotation Between harvesting one crop and planting the next crop the fields lie bare there is a time period when the farmland does not have any crops. During this time period the farmer either grows grass or grows other crops to prevent soil erosion. This helps the soil to regain the lost minerals . 
3 Terrace farming In hilly areas farming is done by cutting steps on the slopes of the hills. This slows down the flow of water and soil removed from one step is deposited on the next step . Thus the soil is never lost . This is terrace farming. 
4 Building dams are built to prevent floods which not only damage the crops but also wash away the topsoil . Also embankment along the banks of river can protect fields from floods. These embankment prevent the fast overflowing of rivers and rainwater from washing away a huge amount of rich fertile soil.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Noise pollution

Noise pollution takes place when there is excess amount of noise or unpleasant sound that causes temporary disruption in the natural balance. This definition is usually applied to sounds that are unnatural in either the volume or the production. Our environment is such that is difficult to escape the noise .

Causes of noise pollution 

1 Industrialisation Most of the industries use big machines which are capable of producing big noise . Therefore you must have seen workers in these factory and industry are wearing ear plugs to minimise the noise.
2 Social events Whether it is marriage ,parties and place of worship people flout rules set by local administration and create nuisance in the area .People play songs on full volume which makes the conditions of people living nearby worse.
3 Transportation large number of vehicles ply on roads and produce noise by playing horns and its noisy for people living nearby . The high noise leads to a situation where a normal person loses the ability to hear properly.
4 Construction activities Under construction activities like mining ,construction of bridges ,dams, buildings roads take place everyday. Bridges are made to accommodate more people and to reduce traffic congestion. The down point is that these construction activities are too noisy and unpleasant to hear.

Effects of noise pollution 

1 Hearing problems Any unwanted sound that our ears have not been to built to filter can cause problems in the body. Constant exposure to loud levels of noise can damage the ear drums and cause of loss of hearing.
2 Sleeping disorder loud noise can certainly hamper your sleeping pattern and may lead to irritation and uncomfortable situations. Without a proper sleep it may lead to problems like fatigue and it may hamper your performance in office life as well as domestic life. These were the effects of noise pollution and there is only one way to reduce noise that by creating awareness there will be better management of traffic and in our homes as well. Our aim should be to reduce noise at each level then we can be truly be noise free.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Volunteer celebrated his Son's birthday in Kalam centre

Dr. Cm Rao sir visited N. M. pahadi kalam center and celebrated his son's birthday and he distributed Pens, chocolates to children and spend quality time.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Easier way of completing the esteemed course of study with the help of education loan

Now days, gathering a certificate of degree from colleges is becoming a more expensive task. Students have the opportunity to get a help from the facility of education loan to fulfil their dreams of acquiring a degree, particularly if the savings of the family of students fall short. Students can pay back their loan after they get jobs. So the criteria of education loan and its process become very popular and helpful to students.

Eligibility to get education loan

Any students who would like to study their diploma, graduation, post graduation, Bio-technology, medicine,  all streams of engineering, architecture and any other technical course can apply for education loan. Especially applicants who want to study in India should have the Indian nationality- and the age of the students should be in between of 18 years to 35 years. They should get the confirmation of their admission into any college or university which has the recognition from the Government or AICET or UCG. This recognition is mandatory to get an education loan. In some cases like vocational courses such as air-hostess, business management and aviation training courses are also coming into consideration.

Required documents for loan

The proof of identity of both applicant and his/her parent or co-applicant and address. Admission letter by the applicant regards his course from the college or university. A detailed estimations of cost to complete the course. Students academic marks memorandum or complete mark sheets are required. Students should give the detailed information of asserts, properties and liabilities of his parent/co-applicant. student and his parent or co-applicant needs to give the copy their PAN cards, Salary slips, IT returns documents and form 16. student and his parent or co-applicant needs to give the copy their PAN cards, Salary slips, IT returns documents and form 16 along with the complete loan application. Here the primary debtor should mentioned as the parent or co-applicant.

What will be covered under this loan

Exam, semester and library fees, the cost of books and accommodation, all charges, including travelling charge with a broad study, the cost of necessary technical equipment, the cost of a calculator, a laptop, all expenditures related to education are coming into this education loan.

 How much amount is financed by education loan

Students can be financed the amount  in between 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs with different rates of interest from different banks in India. For abroad or oversea studies student can offer an amount nearly Rs. 20 lakhs. For the amount of Rs. 4 lakhs loan only a co-applicant or parent is enough, for the amount of Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 7.5 lakhs one guarantor of third-party should needed for the amount more than Rs. 7.5 Lakhs the brief note and statement of assets of the parent and collateral will be submitted to the bank.

Tax benefits of education loan

Education loan has been getting a relief of tax payment on the repayment of interest for students up to the maximum time period of 8 years, according to the section of 80E of IT act.

- By Sruthi

Solar energy is the best alternative of our daily electricity needs

        In 1973, the fuel crisis started. After completion of it, whole world have to search about alternative methods of energy production with help of renewable energy sources. The abundance of fossil fuels are limited and day by day those are decrementing rapidly. Utilization of conventional energy sources main cause for the increment of various kinds of pollution and big challenge for the sustainability of living beings with good health and hygiene. To maintain the adequacy and echo-friendly environment in our echo system regarding the continuous usage of energy to meet our daily requirements, We should depend on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energies. Especially now we are looking for the solar energy utilization. Sun is the main source of energy for our planet. and it is a tremendous source of pollution free energy to develop green electricity. Solar energy is a great radiation light and heat emitted by the sun. According to energy conversion principle, solar energy has converted into green electricity. People may get a doubt that why should we use solar energy rather than remaining energy source. The important reasons are

·         sun is a source for plenty of energy, Regularly it releases energy  without a break in its continuity. Sun's radiation is produced by the reactions of nuclear fusion at its core, which is the main reason to emit a large amount of electromagnetic heat radiation. The surface of sun releases the heat energy of 63 million watts per square meter nearly. While the energy is reaching to the Earth, a lot of energy diminishes, finally earth receives nearly the energy of 1,370 watts per square meter on its surface where it is facing towards sun directly.
·         Solar Power Is pollution free energy and it has no bad impacts on the Environment. The real thing about solar energy is that the sun radiation produces a green and clean energy. Solar power is a best choice to control the emission of greenhouse gasses. So, it’s an echo- friendly and safest source of energy.
·         To save money by reducing the paying amount of our electricity bills because the power what amount you need is generated on your own without buying it from the supplier.
·         Another reason is the durability of solar energy systems. Because solar panels have stationary parts only unlike other energy systems. So that the occurrence of damage is less or rare. Now days entire solar panels are successfully tested for usage that these can endure for high speed winds and sustainable for the bad weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall, rainfall.
·         Our traditional electricity should be transported from the plant to the door step of consumer with a wide range of networks and transmission for long distance with reasonable power losses. In case of solar panels, there is no need to go for large extended networks for transmission of power. Our roof is required to get enough energy. So this kind of Rooftop solar panels is helpful in increasing the efficiency of electricity.
·         Permission is not required for the installation of solar panels at our roof top for the utilization of energy for domestic needs.

- By Sruthi


We all are the part of universe. Everyone is showing their curiosity to know the amazing facts about our universe, because of its wonderfulness. That's reason space opera concepts are becoming popular. Space opera is a sub genre of science fiction and that articulates entire theme is composing at the pursuit of outer space. Mainly the theme may comprised with the conceive of historical, sensational, chivalric knight errant prose or verse, adventures, interplanetary battles and dramatic story. So many comics, films, cartoons, novels and video games have being originated passionately by using the concept of space operas. In the present we need to talk exclusively to massive budget, high visual and even bigger sets make up movies, which are created with this idea.   
        At earlier days, Space opera term was mentioned as a pejorative word in 1941 by a fan writer and author Wilson Tucker's writings of science fiction in a magazine “ fan zine lo zombie”. At that time there was more popularity in serial drama in America. This serial drama was constructed with Soap Opera Concept. Tucker told that Space Opera was equivalent to science fiction. But Fans and Critics Have treated it as a horse opera related story, the only change is this saga is located in space instead of normal horse opera. In late 1920,1930s these were published in science fiction magazine, at that time these were getting fame with name of super science epics. In late1980s, space opera was attached with a label of star wars. At last, in 1990 onwards it became popular as a legitimate genre of science fiction.
                     Now these stories and movies are becoming popular among people. While watching these movies, audiences are living in illusion of outer space. These films make the audience feel happy. Many types of video games are becoming popular, which are made with this approach. The cartoons that the kids are looking for are also designing this way.

- By Sruthi

Candle making business

Any individual can start candle making business on a small scale and part time basis . People light candle not only for religious purpose but also as a decor item. Raw materials for candle making The major two materials required in making candles are paraffin wax and wick. Other than raw materials you will need to have some equipment for candle making .These are melting pot ,thermometer, weight scale and an oven to melt the wax.

Candle manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is very simple . However the operating procedure of various candle making machines may differ . Normally you have to put thread in the indicated places . Then you need to pour the melted paraffin wax on it .If you are using average quality wax then add stearic acid . Within few minutes the wax will be coagulated . The final step is packing. For scented ,colourful decorative candles you will need to mix the colour and fragrance accordingly. There are mainly two ways of selling candles . One is physically distributing candles to local retailers and distributors. The other one is selling online. Finally if you are starting small with less capital investment its always advised to start with less manpower. As you grow your business then think of adding manpower. So this was about candle making business .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Slipper making business

Any individual can initiate slipper making business on small scale basis. Slippers are considered as household consumer durable item and are used by everyone. Slipper making machinery According to the product specification and desired production output, you will need to select the right machinery.

Main machinery is as follows

1 Flat bed sewing machine with motor ,stand and table clutch type .
2 Drilling machine .
3 Combined finishing machine .
4 stapling machine .
5 plastic last .
6 Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes .
7 hand operated tools and equipment.

Raw materials for slipper making

The major raw materials are rubber sheet and strap. You will also need to procure the packaging consumables. First of all obtain the micro cellular sheet from other units. Then give them the desired shape with the help of cutting machine . Also you obtain straps from other units . Thereafter fix the straps to the chappals with the help of foot operated machine . To give finishing touches to it ,put the straps in finishing machine . After the quality check of these chappals pack them in polythene bag. Finally despatch them to the markets. At present no quality specifications for slippers are available. But for export order its provided by buyers only. So this about slipper making business .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Soft toys manufacturing business

Soft toys are popular among kids . Its generally made of clothes and acrylic fur . Generally these toys come in various shapes and sizes . With a very small investment women can start this business on a small scale basis .

Soft toys manufacturing unit and machinery

You can start the unit from home . However you will need to have an area of 500 square feet . Also you must arrange electricity for the machine operations. Some of the major tools and equipment requirements are sewing machines ,scissor ,tape needles etc . Racks packing machine and there are other equipment. Soft toys manufacturing process and raw materials The manufacturing of soft toys is best suitable for ladies . The process of manufacturing of soft toys is very simple and easy . Basic steps include pattern , paper cutting , mould making ,fabric cutting, sewing ,eyes and nose punching ,stuffing and finishing. Then the cloth is cut according to the design of the toy to prepare for stitching. And then fill sponge into from other side . Later buttons ,ribbons and eyes are tucked into it to make it complete toy . Finally its sent for quality checking and packing. Now your toys are ready to go for the market. So this was about soft toys manufacturing business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Herbal hair oil manufacturing business

There are some essential hair oils which focus on hair growth and prevent hair loss. The demand is increasing rapidly . In addition the purchasing power of the individuals is another driving factor . Procure herbal hair oil factory Select a factory location carefully .You will need to have 3000 feet space for the manufacturing operations. In addition you must arrange utilities like water and electricity. Further you must hire skilled and semiskilled employees for the production operations .

Some of the manufacturing machines are as follows 

1 Mixing tank with stirrer .
2 constant filling machine .
3 cap sealing machine .
4 Filtered equipment and finally testing equipment.

Herbal hair oil manufacturing business the manufacturing process is as follows 

1 Mixing – first of all you must mix all the ingredients like base oil ,herbal extract, perfume and colours in desired proportions .you will need to use the mixing tank and stir for 15-20 minutes and then allow to settle for two to three hours.
2 filtration then you need to filter the oil through the filter press .
3 Inspection or testing After filtering you will need to send the oil to the laboratory for testing.
4 Bottling or labelling After passing through inspections oil is now filled in cleaned and dried bottles in required volumes. Bottles are sealed and labelled.
5 Packaging Now you can use corrugated boxes for outer packaging.

Finally the goods are ready for marketing. The actual cost of herbal hair manufacturing project may change on different assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirements. So this was about herbal hair oil manufacturing business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Lace making business

Designer lace making is a traditional business. Any individual can start this business as home based with low based start up capital. Lace is a craft material that is used textile or garment designing. The increasing demand of fashion garment has increased the demand for designer lace .

Designer lace making Machine and Raw Material You can establish designer lace making business by two ways . One is by simply installing bobbing machine and another one is fully computerised automatic lace making machine.

 Fully automatic designer lace making machine
1 Tracing cording device is a special device for various cording embroidery from thin to thick. Any kinds of pattern are possible with this machine.
2 laser cutting device high precision fast cutting smooth cut edge is widely used in lace making.
3 Single sequin device is available size is 3-9 mm it creates fantastic sequin work and extra value to embroidery.
4 Dual sequin device is to create special sequin effect such as two size overlap ,alternation sequin embroidery etc.
5 Boring device to make a hole on fabric ,create delicate and intricate hollowed out effects on the
6 Safety sensor device its prevents the hurt from machine ,the operator will be more safe .

The major supplies are threads ,yarn and different needles . Designer lace making a completely a customised setup . You will need to determine everything according to the specific product you want to produce. In starting designer lace making business you will also need to pay attention to packaging and storage . So this was about designer lace making business.

- By Poorvi Bellap


Envelope making business opportunity demands little knowledge about school and office stationary supply. The envelope is still an important office and school stationary item even in today's internet era. Apart from that ,every greeting card needs to have an envelope. By establishing small business small envelope making unit you can produce desired quantity paper envelope automatically. Envelope making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business .

Raw materials for envelope making

The main raw materials for envelope making is paper . Different quality of paper is used for envelope making such as map litho paper ,scrap paper and also sometimes useless papers . Also you will have to procure other consumables like gum ,glue etc .

Envelope making machines Different varieties of envelope making machine you will find . For successful project implementation selecting the right machinery is most important . According to your desired output quantity and specific envelope quality, you need to select the right machine for your business. Generally the different types of machines allows different specific GSM of paper into it. Also ,you will need to procure envelope window making if you want to produce envelope with window.

Envelope making process

Envelope making production process is quite simple. First of all ,fix all papers over each other . And then use the envelope making machine and cut envelope of a specific size. After the application of gum ,leave them to dry properly. After drying completely it goes for packaging. They are arranged in different volume cartons with different numbers . In envelope making ,you will need to pay attention in storage and means of transportation. So this was about envelope making business .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Bindi Making business

Bindi making is a simple process with good marketing avenues and profitable business . Bindi is a small piece of velvet cloth with a suitable adhesive. Its available in different shapes sizes and colours. Any individual can initiate this business as home based business.

Bindi making raw material and process

The main raw material for bindi manufacturing is velvet cloth. In addition you will need to procure other decorative items like stones adhesive, glue . You will need to arrange packaging materials as per consumer demand. Bindis are first manufactured by gumming and pasting on the back of cloth followed by cutting with help of dies and cut pieces are pasted over the separate paper sheet. You can also install bindi making machine to produce different types of bindis . Bindi making machine For bindi making you will need to install bindi printing. Bindi cutting machine and different dyes. This is very small project . You can start this business by having hand tools also. The quality standard in bindi making the cloth should be skin friendly. A commercial bindi making project demands proper marketing and product sales promotion activity. Additionally you will need to pay attention to building a distribution network. However if you are operating the business from home there are several options like online selling is the best option for a small based bindi making company. You can sell the bindi from your own online store or from online marketplaces . In addition you open a small kiosk to promote your bindi making business. In initiating small scale bindi making business its advisable to start as OPC or proprietorship company . Register with ROC. Obtain trade license from the local authority. You will need to have a current bank account. Apply for sales tax registration . You may register your business as SSI unit that is small scale industry.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Banana paper making business

Banana paper making is an eco friendly business in the agro processing industry. However its an innovative technology and alternate way of manufacturing paper.

Two types of banana papers are generally available. One is paper made from bark of the banana tree mainly used for artistic purposes. Another one is paper made from banana steam or the non-utilised fruits . However you can process this type of paper either as handmade or with machines.

Banana Manufacturing Process

Banana paper making includes the basic steps like procuring of banana stems ,cutting of materials pulping and making paper . The roundup process removes the outer layer from the banana tree trunk and prepares the resultant core for subsequent manufacturing operations. Remove the outer layer of the banana tree trunk as a single, continuous length of material of constant thickness using a patented type of spindle less lathe . After removing the outer layer from banana tree trunk you can use the core in the core veneer process. The core veneer process also uses a type of spindle less lathe. However it differs from the roundup lathe in that the cutting process is undertaken with a higher degree of accuracy allowing production of thin veneers.

Banana paper making machine

Apart from handmade paper the machine made banana paper has better revenue earning capacity in the market. You can use different semi-automatic and automatic industrial machines to produce banana papers. You can also produce value added products such as gift wrappers ,envelopes , and stationery items that fetch much higher prices . In banana making project , you must consider the location of your unit. Additionally, you must establish the unit nearby banana farms . Basically, it helps to cut the transportation cost of the raw materials to banana paper making unit .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Bakery manufacturing business

Bakery business is one of the largest industries in food processing sector . Moreover the domestic demand for bakery products is huge throughout the country . In starting a bakery business you will need to register with roc . You also have to apply for food business operating license from FSSAI.

   Bakery manufacturing business machinery

According to the desired product and production output you can establish by into two ways one is semi automatic and second is automatic business.

We will need to have the basic machines such as,

1 Wafer biscuit making machine.
2 Butter mixing machine .
3 Sugar grinding machine.
4 Planetary mixing machine .
5 Weighing balance platform, aluminium vessels, cups , mugs ,spoons and gloves etc .

Raw materials and production process of bakery business. The major raw materials are wheat flour ,sugar ,eggs and ghee. You will need to procure other items like milk powder ,yeast salt and other things in small quantities. If you are starting in a small scale you can procure all the raw materials from the wholesale market. If you are planning to start a large scale business you can also set up a flour mill . In making biscuits mix the calculated amount of maida ,starch vanaspati water etc in a mixer to form a paste .Then pour the paste into a pre heated mould to bake wafer sheet . Additionally mix the other ingredients like sugar ,vanaspati colour essence in a planetary mixer to form the cream . Then apply the cream to the sheets to form sandwich. Thereafter, cut the sandwich into biscuits and pack in pouches . Cakes and pastries can also be made in bakeries as they are popular. You need to have skilled manpower especially in production process of bakery items . You can sell bakery items into two ways . One way is to create a distribution network catering to local retailers. The other way is selling online .

- By Poorvi Bellap

Bread manufacturing business

 Bread manufacturing project can be initiated on a small scale and does not require major licensing. Bread is a hygienically manufactured and is available at cheap price . In modern days bread is becoming one essential food items in human diet due to its ready-made availability and high nutritive value. So ,for new start-up entrepreneur ,it may become a very good sector for investment.

Types of bread manufacturing formulations

Many different types of bread manufacturing formulations have been developed so far .
1 Pita bread this type of bread is popular in the economically developed countries including USA, UK .
2 Hearth bread this category of bread is produced with or without lactic acid fermentation . Hearth bread is baked in an open hearth.
3 flatbread or roti this category of bread is popular in Asian countries. This is baked on a flat hot pan . 4 Rolls and other small bread these products generally have higher levels of sugar and fat in the formulation and thus have a sweeter taste and is soft .

Bread making process

The bread making process is broadly divided into six steps .
The first step is mix the various ingredients. Major ingredients include enzymes ,starch and yeast .
The second step is rising or fermenting . Once the mixture is fermented properly you need to knead the bread . This is done to correct if there are gas holes which are created while rising. After proper kneading you need to once again go for a rising again.
The next step is the critical baking process. The baking process will actually convert unpalatable mass into a digestible and eatable bread.
The final step is cooling the baked bread.
The baked bread is normally allowed to cool to 35 degree centigrade temperature.
Then the bread is packed and is sent to distribution centres to sell the bread .

This was about bread making business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Jute bag making business

Jute is naturally found inexpensive and natural product. In starting jute bag making business you will need to be careful about selection of location. Easy availability of raw materials is an important factor. Jute fabrics are strong durable and cheaper than most fabrics made from others. Jute fabrics are excellent raw materials for jute bags. There are lot of uses of a jute bag . These bags are ideal for transporting bulk food items like onion ,potatoes flour and rice . Apart from that different types of small purse made of jute for ladies is also very popular.                                  

Jute bag making raw materials                                       

 Both laminated and non laminated jute fabrics are the main raw materials required for jute bag making.  Other needed raw materials are dye stuff ,printing gum chemicals and auxiliaries, PVC buckle ,bamboo sticks sewing thread hook runner chain, lining cloth eyelet label etc.                                 

 Jute bag making machine and process                         

 In establishing jute bag making unit you will need to install industrial sewing machine . According  to the required stitching pattern and production output you have to select the right machinery for your business . Different quality of side sealing machine ,lockstitch machines ,woven sack bag cutting machines you might find effective for jute bag making unit.                                                                                    

 The jute bag manufacturing process is simple . After procuring the raw materials you will need to create the proper designs and patterns . As per drawing designs and size cut the jute fabric is cut to make bags . After cutting place the clothes on table and print them . Then stitch the cut pieces with the sewing machine.  During the process of making the bags you will need fix such as lining ,buckles chains ,runner ,handles of clothes, bamboo and canes . After completing the total works ,pack the bags and dispatch to market for sale.                                                                
So this is how jute bags are produced and any individual can initiate jute bag making business as small scale basis.                                            

The business is great income option for students  and women also.

- By Poorvi Bellap

Coconut oil Manufacturing

Coconut oil is an important  cooking medium in southern parts of the country especially in Kerala and Karnataka State . Besides the oil has varied industrial applications . Its used in manufacture of soaps and hair oils .                       
Coconut Oil Manufacturing business registration and license                                                                                                    
1 Register your firm with ROC according to the ownership and liability pattern.                                                      
2 Then apply for trade license from local authorities.                 
3 Obtain Udyog Aadhaar MSME registration. 
Additionally obtain VAT registration in your state .  
Machines and raw materials for coconut oil Manufacturing-                                                                                     
The requirements of machines generally depends on various aspects . Here are some of the common machines required for coconut oil manufacturing-                        
1 Copra Cutter                                                                                      
2 Bucket elevator                                                                                 
3 Steam jacketed kettle                                                                       
4 Oil expeller                                                                                         
5 Screw conveyor                                                                                  
6 Crude coconut  oil tanks                                                                  
7 Filter press                                                                                         
 9 Filtered oil storage tanks                                                                   
10 Volumetric filling machine                                                           
11 Baby boiler                                                                                         
12 Wooden storage drums                                                                

Coconut Oil Manufacturing Process                                                 
Dried copra is cut into small chips in a copra cutter. Then ,feed the chips into steam jacketed kettles and cook . Its cooks mildly at a temperature of 700 degrees for 30 minutes.  After proper cooking feed the cooked material into the expeller continuously and press twice.  Then collect the oil from the first and second pressing in a tank provided separately. Finally filter this oil by means of a filter press  and store in tanks . Generally you can pack the item as bulk packaging in tin containers .Additionally you can use HDPE containers and polymeric nylon barrier pouches for small consumer packing .                                                           
- By Poorvi Bellap

Inspirational talk of the Indian woman entrepreneur, Sairee chahal

          Often women give up their jobs because of various reasons like to look after their families, to take care about their children, their parents may ask them to quit the job and come back for marriage. Once they take break, it's difficult to restart their career after a long gap. Lack of right platform and lack of time to go office daily, they unable to utilize their skills, knowledge and talent to go forward regarding their careers. Sairee chahal, the founder of who brings change in the lives of enthusiast women by starting

                  She had completed her M Phill from Jawaharlal Nehru university in New Delhi a PGDBM from IMT Ghaziabad She worked at corporates like Heidrick, Struggles and CII . In 2014, Sairee started Sherose. This is a online community platform where women are providing a support, safe, high-trust, opportunities and interaction via with help of this empathy space, women restart their careers at any stage of their lives to fulfil their dreams. More than 1000000 women has joined in this site. She got so many awards for her achievements like Devi award, Demons Achievers Award, Cartier award, Editors choice for L'Oreal Femina women’s Award. we wish that the successful journey of Sairee should become motivation and inspirational for all women  not only in our country but also in entire world.

- By Sruthi