Friday, 18 January 2019

Bakery manufacturing business

Bakery business is one of the largest industries in food processing sector . Moreover the domestic demand for bakery products is huge throughout the country . In starting a bakery business you will need to register with roc . You also have to apply for food business operating license from FSSAI.

   Bakery manufacturing business machinery

According to the desired product and production output you can establish by into two ways one is semi automatic and second is automatic business.

We will need to have the basic machines such as,

1 Wafer biscuit making machine.
2 Butter mixing machine .
3 Sugar grinding machine.
4 Planetary mixing machine .
5 Weighing balance platform, aluminium vessels, cups , mugs ,spoons and gloves etc .

Raw materials and production process of bakery business. The major raw materials are wheat flour ,sugar ,eggs and ghee. You will need to procure other items like milk powder ,yeast salt and other things in small quantities. If you are starting in a small scale you can procure all the raw materials from the wholesale market. If you are planning to start a large scale business you can also set up a flour mill . In making biscuits mix the calculated amount of maida ,starch vanaspati water etc in a mixer to form a paste .Then pour the paste into a pre heated mould to bake wafer sheet . Additionally mix the other ingredients like sugar ,vanaspati colour essence in a planetary mixer to form the cream . Then apply the cream to the sheets to form sandwich. Thereafter, cut the sandwich into biscuits and pack in pouches . Cakes and pastries can also be made in bakeries as they are popular. You need to have skilled manpower especially in production process of bakery items . You can sell bakery items into two ways . One way is to create a distribution network catering to local retailers. The other way is selling online .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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