Friday, 18 January 2019

Banana paper making business

Banana paper making is an eco friendly business in the agro processing industry. However its an innovative technology and alternate way of manufacturing paper.

Two types of banana papers are generally available. One is paper made from bark of the banana tree mainly used for artistic purposes. Another one is paper made from banana steam or the non-utilised fruits . However you can process this type of paper either as handmade or with machines.

Banana Manufacturing Process

Banana paper making includes the basic steps like procuring of banana stems ,cutting of materials pulping and making paper . The roundup process removes the outer layer from the banana tree trunk and prepares the resultant core for subsequent manufacturing operations. Remove the outer layer of the banana tree trunk as a single, continuous length of material of constant thickness using a patented type of spindle less lathe . After removing the outer layer from banana tree trunk you can use the core in the core veneer process. The core veneer process also uses a type of spindle less lathe. However it differs from the roundup lathe in that the cutting process is undertaken with a higher degree of accuracy allowing production of thin veneers.

Banana paper making machine

Apart from handmade paper the machine made banana paper has better revenue earning capacity in the market. You can use different semi-automatic and automatic industrial machines to produce banana papers. You can also produce value added products such as gift wrappers ,envelopes , and stationery items that fetch much higher prices . In banana making project , you must consider the location of your unit. Additionally, you must establish the unit nearby banana farms . Basically, it helps to cut the transportation cost of the raw materials to banana paper making unit .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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