Friday, 18 January 2019

Bindi Making business

Bindi making is a simple process with good marketing avenues and profitable business . Bindi is a small piece of velvet cloth with a suitable adhesive. Its available in different shapes sizes and colours. Any individual can initiate this business as home based business.

Bindi making raw material and process

The main raw material for bindi manufacturing is velvet cloth. In addition you will need to procure other decorative items like stones adhesive, glue . You will need to arrange packaging materials as per consumer demand. Bindis are first manufactured by gumming and pasting on the back of cloth followed by cutting with help of dies and cut pieces are pasted over the separate paper sheet. You can also install bindi making machine to produce different types of bindis . Bindi making machine For bindi making you will need to install bindi printing. Bindi cutting machine and different dyes. This is very small project . You can start this business by having hand tools also. The quality standard in bindi making the cloth should be skin friendly. A commercial bindi making project demands proper marketing and product sales promotion activity. Additionally you will need to pay attention to building a distribution network. However if you are operating the business from home there are several options like online selling is the best option for a small based bindi making company. You can sell the bindi from your own online store or from online marketplaces . In addition you open a small kiosk to promote your bindi making business. In initiating small scale bindi making business its advisable to start as OPC or proprietorship company . Register with ROC. Obtain trade license from the local authority. You will need to have a current bank account. Apply for sales tax registration . You may register your business as SSI unit that is small scale industry.

- By Poorvi Bellap

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