Friday, 18 January 2019

Bread manufacturing business

 Bread manufacturing project can be initiated on a small scale and does not require major licensing. Bread is a hygienically manufactured and is available at cheap price . In modern days bread is becoming one essential food items in human diet due to its ready-made availability and high nutritive value. So ,for new start-up entrepreneur ,it may become a very good sector for investment.

Types of bread manufacturing formulations

Many different types of bread manufacturing formulations have been developed so far .
1 Pita bread this type of bread is popular in the economically developed countries including USA, UK .
2 Hearth bread this category of bread is produced with or without lactic acid fermentation . Hearth bread is baked in an open hearth.
3 flatbread or roti this category of bread is popular in Asian countries. This is baked on a flat hot pan . 4 Rolls and other small bread these products generally have higher levels of sugar and fat in the formulation and thus have a sweeter taste and is soft .

Bread making process

The bread making process is broadly divided into six steps .
The first step is mix the various ingredients. Major ingredients include enzymes ,starch and yeast .
The second step is rising or fermenting . Once the mixture is fermented properly you need to knead the bread . This is done to correct if there are gas holes which are created while rising. After proper kneading you need to once again go for a rising again.
The next step is the critical baking process. The baking process will actually convert unpalatable mass into a digestible and eatable bread.
The final step is cooling the baked bread.
The baked bread is normally allowed to cool to 35 degree centigrade temperature.
Then the bread is packed and is sent to distribution centres to sell the bread .

This was about bread making business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

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