Thursday, 31 January 2019

Haritha haram

Haritha haram is large scale tree planting initiatives by the government of telangana to increase the amount of tree cover in the state from 24% to33% .The program was launched by Chief minister k Chandrasekhar Rao on 3 July 2015 . Its one of the states flagship progamme to restore degraded forests ,protecting these forests from threats such as smuggling ,encroachment etc .It adopted intensive soil and moisture conservation measures based on watershed approach. In the areas outside forests massive planting activities have been taken up in areas such as roadside avenues, river and barren hills .In institutional premises religious places ,housing colonies and parks . 


Specific duties and responsibilities are assigned to different commitees . These committees are doing regular field inspections and monitoring the ongoing plantations and nursery works . The committees are at the state level steering committee and district level monitoring committee. 

Planting models the program uses multiple planting models 

1 Avenue plantations plants will be planted along national highway roads ,streets of villages and towns . Species include silver oak ,neem ,nerudu and gulmohar trees . 
2 Block plantations Planting will be attempted on wastelands, common lands and panchayat roads . These plantations will be raised in the villages to meet the fuel ,fodder needs of the village. Species include acacia tree , albizia , sundra trees. Planting will be performed by concerned departments and then it will be handed to gram panchayat for maintenance. 
3 Institutional plantations Planting will be done at schools ,colleges ,hospitals, and private institutions. Species include neem , kanuga ,maredu , rela and gulmohar trees. Planting will be done by the concerned departments and the responsibility will be of institutes. 
4 Agro forestry plantations Planting will be done on farmland. Species include teak , red sanders ,tamarind, eucalyptus, bamboo and subabool trees. Farmers will do the planting and maintenance. 
5 Barren hill Planting will done on barren hillocks . Species include hardy plants such as acacia , sissoo ,nemali and kanuga. Planting will be done by the concerned departments and maintenance will done by gram panchayats. This was about haritha haram program or green drive .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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