Friday, 18 January 2019

Lace making business

Designer lace making is a traditional business. Any individual can start this business as home based with low based start up capital. Lace is a craft material that is used textile or garment designing. The increasing demand of fashion garment has increased the demand for designer lace .

Designer lace making Machine and Raw Material You can establish designer lace making business by two ways . One is by simply installing bobbing machine and another one is fully computerised automatic lace making machine.

 Fully automatic designer lace making machine
1 Tracing cording device is a special device for various cording embroidery from thin to thick. Any kinds of pattern are possible with this machine.
2 laser cutting device high precision fast cutting smooth cut edge is widely used in lace making.
3 Single sequin device is available size is 3-9 mm it creates fantastic sequin work and extra value to embroidery.
4 Dual sequin device is to create special sequin effect such as two size overlap ,alternation sequin embroidery etc.
5 Boring device to make a hole on fabric ,create delicate and intricate hollowed out effects on the
6 Safety sensor device its prevents the hurt from machine ,the operator will be more safe .

The major supplies are threads ,yarn and different needles . Designer lace making a completely a customised setup . You will need to determine everything according to the specific product you want to produce. In starting designer lace making business you will also need to pay attention to packaging and storage . So this was about designer lace making business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

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