Friday, 18 January 2019


We all are the part of universe. Everyone is showing their curiosity to know the amazing facts about our universe, because of its wonderfulness. That's reason space opera concepts are becoming popular. Space opera is a sub genre of science fiction and that articulates entire theme is composing at the pursuit of outer space. Mainly the theme may comprised with the conceive of historical, sensational, chivalric knight errant prose or verse, adventures, interplanetary battles and dramatic story. So many comics, films, cartoons, novels and video games have being originated passionately by using the concept of space operas. In the present we need to talk exclusively to massive budget, high visual and even bigger sets make up movies, which are created with this idea.   
        At earlier days, Space opera term was mentioned as a pejorative word in 1941 by a fan writer and author Wilson Tucker's writings of science fiction in a magazine “ fan zine lo zombie”. At that time there was more popularity in serial drama in America. This serial drama was constructed with Soap Opera Concept. Tucker told that Space Opera was equivalent to science fiction. But Fans and Critics Have treated it as a horse opera related story, the only change is this saga is located in space instead of normal horse opera. In late 1920,1930s these were published in science fiction magazine, at that time these were getting fame with name of super science epics. In late1980s, space opera was attached with a label of star wars. At last, in 1990 onwards it became popular as a legitimate genre of science fiction.
                     Now these stories and movies are becoming popular among people. While watching these movies, audiences are living in illusion of outer space. These films make the audience feel happy. Many types of video games are becoming popular, which are made with this approach. The cartoons that the kids are looking for are also designing this way.

- By Sruthi

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